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Re: The PU Prism: It really IS all about value

mASF post by Gibletpie

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Re: The PU Prism: It really IS all about value
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mASF post by "Gibletpie"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

On Tue, 03 May 2005 09:45:00 -0400, Design KJ'ed:

>**But WHATEVER a girl responds to, it's because ultimately she perceives that
>thing as having survival or reproductive value for her.**

I actually said this in a completely different way in Jestor's
original post, "It's not always about Value."

The thing is, we're getting caught up in semantics and abstractions
here. You could just as easily say, "It's Always About Attraction,"
or "One Game: Attraction." That's certainly all encompassing, but not
very useful.

So we take it down a bit further. What creates attraction in women?
Demonstration of traits that convey survival/reproductive value to the
woman. Okay, so now it's all about Value? What are those traits? We
still haven't defined what we need to convey--what characteristics in
ourselves we need to nurture.

So we go down a bit further and find things like strength, dominance,
positivity, social status, etc. Now we have somewhere to operate
from. We're getting closer to things we could put in a guy's hand
that are useful in field. That he can have success with without even
hearing the word VALUE. Certainly that word encompasses all of those
traits, but from a practical standpoint it's useless. You could say
that the meaning of life is Value. People seek to attain things that
are valuable and thus become more valuable themselves. Pursuit of
money? Survivial value. Pursuit of status? Social value. Pursuit
of religious aceticism? Spiritual value.

See VALUE is a very abstract and sometimes personal concept.
Fortunately, for our purposes, women are biologically determined to
respond almost universally to certain traits. These traits are
valuable to them from a survivial/reproductive standpoint, and so
become valuable to us as men.

So why not concentrate on those characteristics?

Let's approach it a different way. Let's say a woman is not happy
with the type of man she is attracting. She joins a web based
seduction board and they tell her, "It's all about Value."

Well, it's certainly true, but how have you helped her? What
practical advice have you given her? You may have cracked the door,
but you haven't exactly thrown it wide open. She has to start
thinking, "What do men value? What makes you VALUABLE to a man?" So
maybe she starts working out and gets her appearance in order. But
she's still acting a little goofy and eager if some hot guy starts
talking to her. So she picks up a copy of "The Rules," or some other
shitty book, and learns the "Tactics and Techniques," which emulate
value (yes, guys, apparently women "fake it til they make it," too).
Then she starts getting some success and some real esteem and begins
to learn the game.

I think you guys can follow this analogy out on your own.

The point is, you two aren't arguing different things, you're just
approaching from different perspectives.

I have to agree with Jestor--that while saying It's Always About Value
may be true from a certain perspective, it's fairly useless in a
practical sense and serves only as a general guiding principle. I
think it's thrown around too often and too casually by guys who do
generally understand the game, but is often too vaguely and poorly
defined for guys who are working on their game to get much of anything
useful out of it.

So why not start discussing things in terms of those traits that women
as a sex generally value? Both to clarify the game for ourselves as
well as articulate it for those who are less far along the learning


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