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The...Biggest Sticking Point.

mASF post by Revan

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The...Biggest Sticking Point.
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mASF post by "Revan"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, December 12, 2004

Im having a lot of thoughts over this but Ill keep this short, because this
in its essence has to be short.

The biggest sticking point of all you guys out there, and that includes me
is...Time waisting..

Killing time doing near pointless or better to say non-productive stuff that
doesnt accomplish nothing. Yeah we all do it! Like watching late night Tv or
doing something arbitrary unimportant when you couldve gotten SOME shit
done. Excessively reading boards etc.

This is so obvious, so why am I posting this on a seduction board?

Because I think its a mindset, a worst of habits that relates to life thus
PU, like spending entire nights in clubs or buying expensive shots - not
hunting, which degrades you ability do to shit in the day after ...

- doing whatever that gets you more into a frame of a social zombie, AFC
thinking and so on.
Like think of shit you couldve accomplished while you did nothing in field


There is a certain thinking you get when you FILL your life with something.
When I trained 6x per week(back to again in a month), doing really intense
training,colledge and work - Ive had one night for per week for
clubbing\pubbing whatever. But my interactions with women got better and my
close rate increased dramatically. Infact I started to think like a
hunter....A woman hunter.

Because I knew I didnt have time for BS, I got faster, better and more

So, Waisting time is a huge SP. Minimize time waisting because it causes you
to be a non result driven social excuser.

The Mind Is Everything. What We Think We Become


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