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next level vibing - pua mastery

mASF post by chariot

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next level vibing - pua mastery
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mASF post by "chariot"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, September 9, 2004

awesome. generating some really solid feedback guys!

versiondub: after reading your reply in another thread I got motivated to post
some thoughts running around in my head. this thread is YOUR DOING :) - I
really should post more consistently.

Importantly... you say you are CONCIOUSLY acting, which is really good. Its the
first step. Im at the point where ive consciously changed all the
non-attractive qualities I had (even my internal dialogue) - and now I can LET
GO - and my emotions and PUA game run on autopilot. You'll get there man...
time in field governs when...

On 9/19/04 11:38:43 AM, finalD wrote:

my mate finalD: Lets all debate semantics, shall we? I sense a frustrated tone
throughout your post, though I could be wrong - and you could be getting

I should have made it a little more clearer for you... but this IS a WOMEN
SEDUCTION board... not a LIFE THEORY board (even though PU, like any goal for
success has the same logic behind it).
So that said - my idea of a character is one that GETS LAID - I give the
example of Mystery and TylerDurden - they are characters who get laid. Find a
character that you can SEE yourself manifesting physically - and DO IT...
because ultimately this what congruence with your material is all about. Make
your life TURBO - be a TURBODJ, be a TURBOPROFESSOR with a cool unique edge...
be what you are passionate about ON TURBO.

>I find your claim that you
>"love" electronic music to be
>shallow. In saying this, I'm
>being congruent with my "true
>passions," to the extent that
>I KNOW deep down that you are
>capable of "truly" loving
>something. Although you ARE
>capable of
>acting passionate about it, to
>a degree and an extreme (a
>childlike extreme!) that will
>attract females.

hahaha. man. you have been around here as long as I have I think - talking this
crap is pointless (no positive end).

Love = something that makes me feel EXTREMELY BLISSFUL and is a highly
positively charged energy. Like women! WOW! I LOVE women who make me feel
POSITIVE about the energy being exchanged! That is love. I listen to a hot
track and suddenly I think of all the summer parties I dj and feel great in the
whole process... People "Love" different things. Lets not debate this any
further because its pure semantics...

>This simple-mindedness of
>yours lands you hot chicks.
>Not your
>"passions" about life. Your
>ability to TURN OFF your
>brain. Get
>the difference?

Accusations of simple-mindedness are also - well, crap. Maybe I just think
DIFFERENTLY to you. Are you saying because maybe you read more or whatever that
you are complex-minded? hmmmm. IF you are getting laid - awesome - so am I...
this is how *I* get laid... and this might be something SOME people can relate
to and learn from...

Also - please... My brain is TURNED OFF when I am picking up girls? Lol. My
brain is in OVERDRIVE!!!!! The amount of information your brain processes on
the fly while in live PU is MASSIVE. The guys who are in field will tell you
That is half the addiction to PU - the MENTAL GROWTH you get out of every
single set you do. Im fully BUZZING when running sets... my mind opens up to a
new, clear plane with absolute FOCUS. I actually posted about this a while

TommyW: Your on the money there bro - really awesome feedback and extention of
what I posted. Added clarity to my ramblings.

cool cool


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