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Cool guys get laid and adding in style

mASF post by NYpartyguy

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Cool guys get laid and adding in style
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mASF post by "NYpartyguy"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, August 8, 2004

On 8/2/04 7:45:00 PM, TylerDurden wrote:

>How about seeing ASF go
>into a board where you could
>have one of your girlfriends
>read it, <
>and it doesn't seem like a
>therapy group, and she's like
>"Whoa, the
>dudes who are into this stuff
>are cool guys that I'd want to
>hook up
>with." That's the big reality
>check. Like, as much as we
>say "Girls <
>don't know what works in
>seduction", the fact is that
>if you're saying
>shit that makes sense, they
>will probably agree with it.

Mostly good stuff, but the idea of having your girlfriend or girls in general
reading this is a bad idea. Most guys (me included) use this board as a guys
club, sorta like going to a private men's only social club or lodge. We come
here and discuss seduction, improve our skill set, and also are allowed to vent
our frustrations without the girls knowing about it. That way the girls never
know that you went for or even needed help, and you are perfectly in control in
the real world.

Lots of girls would be turned off if they found out the guy they were attracted
to was a player or PUA. That's why we all use pen names because our anounimity
is precious and we don't want the outside world knowing about our hobby. They
would be turned off even more to know you were using tactics you read on some
internet website.

If anyone wants to allow the women in their lives to find out about this place
and read all their stuff, then it is their decision/mistake. However, this is
not a workshop where you bring your girls to in order to impress them by
watching other guys worship you. This is a seduction board, and whether it is
group therapy or not, as long as it has to do with seduction and improvement
then it's perfect for this board. Who cares if it's girlfriend/girl friendly
anyway? I say screw supplication ;) .

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