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NLP guys: Quick question

mASF post by tolan2

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NLP guys: Quick question
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mASF post by "tolan2"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2004

On 6/9/04 9:55:00 AM, ElFucto wrote:

>Deep down in my subconscious I
>got the message that I really
>really hate myself.

this is a seduction board, and not one focused NLP alone. check out the yahoo
group "mindlist" for nlp questions. But I'll offer you a suggestion.

Naw, you were juts AFC. Happened to all of us.
remember YOU were and are not ONE stagnant thing. you are a process, in
constant fluid transition over time, replenishing every cell, and the very
architecture of your neurology as well. this happens in sheer seconds, its
true. Now, you know that this is called GROWTH, and it will happen with us, so
allow yourself to transition from previous assumptions into new and powerful
realizations about life and opportunities through a simple movement through the
ethos of reality. Because there is a side of it that your not even seeing yet.


"Don't go for validation. Don't go for the props
from your boys. Go for what works. Go for
what helps you. And talk about THAT."
-wishes to be anonymous

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