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THE WAY to get LAID!

mASF post by dahunter

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THE WAY to get LAID!
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mASF post by "dahunter"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2004

On 1/24/04 7:50:00 AM, gunwitch wrote:
>All this nonsense today. Guys
>getting phone numbers so there
>are entire articles about
>them. Then entire threads
>about the article after that.
>Is this a seduction board or a
>politics board?
Yeah, i posted one about getting a couple of numbers. I know, it's not a lay
report but you can learn from your mistakes and the events that happened. Also,
it's not always possible to sameday lay in the clubs i go, cause the girls are
16-19 yrs old and their daddy goes pick them up at 1 o clock.

>Lets get back to fundamentals
>right here.
>Women want to have sex with
>men, women are not from Venus,
>we are not from mars, there is
>no need to see this as a
>battle, it is mutually shared
>sexual gratification. Women
>love sex, one must realize
Agree, it's all more simple, we are all humans, they are lead by emotions and
that is a mayor key.

> I go out in the daytime.
>Go in a department store or
>mall. Stay out of clubs; learn
>to not have to be drunk/
>bottle of courage to approach
>women. Clubs are a tougher
>environment because its almost
>all visually based, hence you
>need to be 7’5’’ or an ass
>model to stand out.
Yeah, but there is a concentration of the hb in those places, that i very
rarely see in other places, at least in my country is not very common to see a
10 walking down the mall without her parents (again with the agegroup). In a
club they are set loose and they feel like having fun, i am that guy. Also, i
know you prefer lonewolves, but i am now going for the 10's and the 10 are
usually very social, so i have to aproach and dissarm first. Witch is more
likely to happen in a club since they are not going anywhere. I have done mall
pickups, but i preffer the girls i meet at clubs.

>See my target. I see MY (not
>bimbo ideal, but what I want
>to fuck) 10, in one spot, not
>moving and by her self.
Do you know how unlikely is this in my country is like 1 in 20 hb's that go to
a mall will be alone, in a club it's packed with hb's and they are there to

> Watch for her to look at me.
>Look back at her in the eyes
>and say hello, hi, what’s up,
>depending on the chick’s age
>and look.

>See I don’t BURST IN. I hover
>close by make it more natural
>and less threatening. Isn’t
>like a club where drunks just
>trample each other and slobber
>on ugly women.
I find that they ugly women in clubs are there to accompany their hb friend,
and they surrond her and protect her, i love it, it's like getting a pearl, you
have to open up some ugly ass oisters.

>Conversation is had, all
>different types, but always of
>neutral topics.
>During which sexual state and
>relaxation both reach 9-10
>levels. Might be an hour,
>might be 30 minutes, and might
>be 3 hours. Time spent is not
>time wasted. Go spend 3 hours
>getting phone numbers, call
>them all back, and see how
>many times you get laid.
Depends, you spend 20 min in each girl, you convey personality, get 7-10
numbers. Make them wait for a week, they will be wondering what happened to
you, then call the one you liked most at 4 p,m and tell her to meet you at 6
pm, it's take it or leave it, she is surprised, she says yes and there you have
it, you meet her for cofee, and that's it, she's yours, follow the GWM. Repeat
on all numbers, and if you create personality and make them wait you can get
more that a 75% probabilty of going out with you. Now you're set for a whole
week while you go out on weekends to get more.


find out what people want,
let them know you can give it to them
and the world will be yours.

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