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THE WAY to get LAID!

mASF post by ijjjji

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THE WAY to get LAID!
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mASF post by "ijjjji"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2004

On 1/24/04 7:50:00 AM, gunwitch wrote:
>All this nonsense today. Guys
>getting phone numbers so there
>are entire articles about
>them. Then entire threads
>about the article after that.
>Is this a seduction board or a
>politics board?

Gunny I love you! All the fucked up shit about flaking and ASD and similar
things and fucked up 'CLEVER PLANS' to avoid this reaction and that reaction.
I'm really fed up with it.

Another point that is fucked up is all this talk about STICKING POINTS.
Suggesting that you need to be so perfect in so many different skills and
phases of PU is FUCKED UP. Get the fuck out of this self defeating frame!

The whole "I run into problem X with girls - what is good solution?" is FUCKED
WAY OF THINKING! Please, read through all the lay reports and check if you can
find ONE GUY with success who thinks in this lame way at the time he is getting

Stop posting your fucking sticking points! Post your strengths and expand on
them. Come on! Please. Or I need to flee from mASF to avoid getting INFECTED
with your negative fucked up frame!

Thanks again gunny for posting on something that works. Thanks for posting from
a useful frame! Thanks for doing something constructive and for fighting the
negative framing. I will stand by your side in this fight!

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