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THE WAY to get LAID!

mASF post by gunwitch

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THE WAY to get LAID!
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mASF post by "gunwitch"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2004

All this nonsense today. Guys getting phone numbers so there are entire
articles about them. Then entire threads about the article after that. Is this
a seduction board or a politics board?

Whatever happened to the 70s/80s pick up artist, from a time when women
weren’t EVEN AS LOOSE sexually as they are today? Guy who could go out and get
a woman same day or night and fuck her? Am I totally alone out there in the
ability to do this? Women now though in the 2000s, easy pickens if you play
your shit right.

Lets get back to fundamentals right here.

A-Z THIS is what gets ya laid, no my name wasn’t dropped recently by possible
insiders in a magazine, no I am not THE founder of things. Anyone here, anyone
who can read the lay reports though, anyone I’ve helped in chat or email or
right here knows, GWM, or Gunwitch means fuckin LAYS, not all the bullshit. SO
listen up!

I’m a "guru" i suppose yet follow pretty basic strategies for picking up women
and advocate them as well. My materials written are VAST, but in general i'll
lay out my basic strategy here today.

Lets get started.

Can't read peoples minds, supposing someone thought something because of
something you said or did is irrational and goes on far too much.

Women want to have sex with men, women are not from Venus, we are not from
mars, there is no need to see this as a battle, it is mutually shared sexual
gratification. Women love sex, one must realize this.

Field work generates effective techniques and tactics, not vice versa.

Ejecting from a pick up unless it’s a DONE deal is illogical. Better to stand
there with nothing particular to say and let her talk or walk, than to leave
and never know.

If I relax they will relax, if I am sexual they will be sexual. First basis of
getting anyone to do anything is the walks like a duck acts like a duck must be
a duck principle. If you pigeonhole yourself as entertaining guy, or funny guy,
or witty guy in her mind you are shorting yourself from pigeonholing yourself
as “lover man”. Feel it, show it, but don’t say it, and she will place you in
the category of a lover.

What I do.

I go out in the daytime.

Go in a department store or mall. Stay out of clubs; learn to not have to be
drunk/ bottle of courage to approach women. Clubs are a tougher environment
because its almost all visually based, hence you need to be 7’5’’ or an ass
model to stand out. Go to a department store or mall.

See my target. I see MY (not bimbo ideal, but what I want to fuck) 10, in one
spot, not moving and by her self. No need to add chaos to the situation by
approaching a moving target or target with a friend who will set off her “what
will SHE think” conditioning against sex with strangers.


Feel a sexual state/get horny for her; start to go 2-3 on 1-10 scale

Go stand near her and look at something.

Watch for her to look at me.

Look back at her in the eyes and say hello, hi, what’s up, depending on the
chick’s age and look.

See I don’t BURST IN. I hover close by make it more natural and less
threatening. Isn’t like a club where drunks just trample each other and slobber
on ugly women.

I relax and ask her a couple questions until she seems to get comfortable.

“You from around this area?” “Never seen you around here before” “oh really
where ya from” “by the way I’m rob” “you are?”

At her first smile back at me, first laugh at something that isn’t funny I
begin to walk like someone she knows, talk like someone she knows and be seen
as someone she knows, not a stranger.

I start talking about the environment or music movies TV Celebs etc. Get way
more relaxed. People KNOW the Simpson’s, they KNOW Chandler and Rachel and
Ross, they KNOW Buffy and Giles and spike. I don’t ask her “do you watch
xxxxxx” I ask her “what do you watch on TV?” she says something I don’t know
and cant assume a rapport based on talking about? I say “what else you watch?”
til I hit one we both watch.

Sexual state goes about 5-6 on scale of 1-10 during this. Looking her in the
eyes good, sitting closer to her.

Conversation is had, all different types, but always of neutral topics.
During which sexual state and relaxation both reach 9-10 levels. Might be an
hour, might be 30 minutes, and might be 3 hours. Time spent is not time wasted.
Go spend 3 hours getting phone numbers, call them all back, and see how many
times you get laid. Less than 3 hours spent face to face guaranteed.

I calibrate her to see if/when she shows me sexual state back. When she does I
suggest isolation "lets go up to my house I’m having a barbecue later id like
to introduce you to my friends" to give her an excuse. Excuse can be anything,
but NEVER an actual proposition of sex. Women LOVE sex, but don’t wanna seem
easy and are told by society it is wrong. SO subtle is key.

If she hems and haws i wait and ask again, I continue this til she gets rude
or says outright "NO". Usually hems and haws only though when ya persist, then
a yes. Outright “NO”? Never happens when you see sexual state back first. Even
if you haven’t seen sexual state back first it’s a rare animal, because people
have trouble saying no firmly, test it out you’ll see.

We get alone finally, ill ask her to come sit with me or lay down with me,
depending on where I end up sitting or laying down.

I kiss her, start making out, make out for a long time til I’m sure she’s hot
and then **** her.

By no means is the above chaos proof. And something new always comes up in
each pick up. But the above works for me if i don’t tamper with the above
specifics about 80% of the time. I go in a club and hit on groups of women,
approach moving targets or I go to a party and am all wild and giddy the %
lowers. All in all it’s a strong foundation I can adapt from. Might help out a
little I hope here. Things are getting WAY off track. I don’t care what method
you use, go try the above things and approach out for 1 week instead, come back
and post your lay report.

Chances of not being able to get a lay doing the above are? Slim to none as
the above list of what I do has spawned hundreds upon hundreds of pages of
writings, a guys translating GWM itself in to German at this point, Formhandle
says maybe 500k people know who I am from my writings. LAY reports are fuckin
common using the above principles; FIELD reports are common using anything
else. Not saying this to brag, just trying to put it in perspective that the
above, though simple and maybe a challenge to your ego “it cant be that simple
or I’d have known it”, does work, WELL.

Of course my entire free method is at

But lets discuss the stuff in this post further, get things back on track here
at FS.

You aren’t getting laid? Maybe you should give the above a shot, doing the
same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity they

Or like I say, quit being a stupid ass and using lame canned openers over and
over just to get a phone # that never goes anywhere!

"make the ho say no"

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