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Imagine top ASF-r invited to Mys. Lounge!

mASF post by finalD

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Imagine top ASF-r invited to Mys. Lounge!
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mASF post by "finalD"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2002

My conception of the Mystery Lounge (heh, LOL, ok ok MysterY'S Lounge) is that
it's actually a bit beyond me. I followed a link to a link to a link once, a
concatenation that's probably dead nowadays, and saw something of what went on
"in there" and decided it wasn't for me. Yet.

There were some very specific requirements -- posting a photo, going out to
sarge regularly, coming up with novel approaches and tactics. Also, it seemed
heavily reliant on NLP and hypnosis and aether-brain-wave-conglomeratominx and
stuff that I am not ready to study up on. Some of it is hogwash, some of it is
perfectly legitimate, but I'm not prepared to learn to separate the wheat from
the chaff among those alternate psychologies. Those are wonderful and noble
things, for OTHER people to try to figure out. I'm not at a phase in my life
when I can guarantee being able to pay attention in a legit manner that the
Lounge requires, or to contribute in any manner other than lurking. And they
state pretty clearly they aren't interested in dead weight on that forum, but
rather in strictly active members.

There are many ways I don't actually live up to what I COULD live up to as an
RAFC. For example, I have a LT LDR that I want to make into an MLTR but don't
always drive in that direction -- in other words, I sometimes chicken out and
let her be THE ONE rather than ONE OF THE MANY -- and that's just one of the
many ways I don't actually "live the life of a PUA properly" (p.s., I know that
"properly" is probably a debatable choice of adverb there, but just chill and
deal with it, that's a different issue). For another example, I am changing
cities (perpetually) and am often without an income -- this is a situation I
would rather improve upon with the greater portion of my psyche, than spend the
larger amount of my efforts on getting laid. For another example, I don't
always do all the exercises in the layguideto their fullest, I just "get the
concept" and then treat myself as though I've accomplished them; but we all
know, it's the PRACTICE and not just the CONCEPT that is necessary. So,
basically, I'm not yet practicing what I preach -- so why go about learning a
whole OTHER new theology in ADDITION to the first new one I'm trying to adopt?

So, I choose not to clutter my life with YET ANOTHER internet resource that
might help me, for now. Mastering the attitudes and the skills in the standard
layguideis enough. I have plenty on my plate. I don't dismiss the idea that
Mystery's Lounge might have something that's more effective, or at least
something that's equally as effective as the layguides. I agree that the
success stories are certainly enthralling. But for me, I'd need someone to
EXPLAIN WHY I ought to join that internet world, before I actually go about
rearranging the brief time that I have to devote to online reading of
sarge-related instructional materials into something even more complicated than
it already is.

If any of you Lounge members really want to twist my arm, you can find my
e-mail and give me a line. I'm willing to read up on what advantages the Lounge
has, and I'd be delighted to know whether any of you think my current decision
(to not ask for admittance) is the best for my current circumstances.


On 11/27/02 7:17:00 PM, TylerDurden wrote:
>Some of these replies come off
>really 'sour grapes' - ish.
>Mys is a really cool guy, and
>his attitude is
>misinterpreted. He's also
>possibly the best PUA on the
>planet. Fun guy, and never
>did anything that wasn't in
>the best intention. Remember,
>that EVERY second that he ever
>spent on the internet, he had
>the OPTION to spend that time
>having sex with gorgeous
>women. He's been an AFC in
>the past, and wanted to spread
>the word. His intention was
>to HELP, and to discuss.
>Nothing less, and nothing
>Any arrogance that you
>perceive comes from massive
>field experience, and an
>unparalleled INSTINCT for WHAT
>There is no substantiated
>reason for anyone here to
>believe anything other than
>that the Lounge is a fine
>board, and it has a nice
>community atmosphere to it.
>Dissing either Mystery or the
>Lounge is the same as saying
>"I hate HB10s, because they're
>And any Lounge members reading
>these posts, will know that,
>and will surely laugh the
>comments off as pathetic.
>****** HOWEVER, if you are
>sharp, you may notice that
>there are certain posters HERE
>that are likely on the Lounge
>as well (just using common
>sense that by their skill
>level they'd be invited), but
>participate HERE and NOT on
>the Mystery Lounge very much.
>Their posting frequency makes
>it obvious that they must
>CHOOSE to post here, and not
>There is a reason for that,
>and the reason is that mASF is
>an EXCELLENT board. It is the
>world's finest seduction
>The perception that mASF is
>less than excellent is
>something that people may
>pickup, because of the limited
>Lounge access. It's a false
>SOME PEOPLE find that mASF is
>the more interesting board.
>Some of them may even bust on
>the Lounge for it, publically
>on the Lounge, like Zap was
>imagining. It's a closed
>board, so who knows what goes
>on over there?
>Commander Zap is a smart man,
>and he does NOT post drivel.
>Ever. There is always some
>He posted this thread, as a
>subtle and fun way of pointing
>this out.. I guess that some
>people missed it.
>The point was to REASSURE
>people that you are in good
>hands, and NEVER to feel that
>you can't get EVERYTHING you
>need from THIS fine board.
>The ball is in YOUR court, and
>if you fail, the fault is YOUR
>OWN - because mASF provides
>Commander Zap spoke
>Anyway, who knows, its
>possible that such a person

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