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mASF post by TylerDurden

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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2002

On 8/19/02 8:22:00 PM, LAVCArtiste wrote:
No more one-itis-posts from guys who haven't posted lay reports.

>You guys say all women are
>pretty much the same. You say
>fuck 10 women to prove it's
>true. That's just sex. What

No, its not to prove that all women are the same.. read the ASF FAQ. Its to
learn how to handle women in general, so that you improve you reaction times
and ability to handle different situations. It is also to prevent the one-itis-chemicals from bugging you.

>Unfotunately, she had a fear
>of intense relationships, and
>after she moved, she refused
>to call me. She had been
>celibate for 3 years.

She is a fucking head case. You don't need that. The most aggrevating chicks
are the ones who are SO CLOSE to being perfect but are SHIT. Like this girl.
She is SHIT to you, because she has an intimacy problem. LJBF her and move on.
Chicks are either desirable or not. There is no in between. No matter how
good she ALMOST is, if she has an intimacy head-case problem then she is NOT
desirable, regardless of her other redeeming qualities.

>I just want to know this: how
>hard is it going to be to find
>another girl who is blonde,
>beautiful, tall, slender,
>charming, warm-hearted, funny,
>compatible with me, and
>doesn't have any STD's?

YES, it is EXTREMELY difficult to find someone who you connect with. Now, what
are you going to do about it. Sit here and whine to us, or get out and read
the stuff that you should have read PRIOR to posting here.

>Right now, it seems to me thatem
>as much as Tara, and I wish I

I like how you said her name.. wanna know what that shit is?! Its like in the
LOVE VS ATTRACTION pattern where RJ gets you to talk to the girl about falling
in love, and how you just say the persons name and then you are hooked.. you
are doing this process to YOURSELF.. having to say her name on a seduction
?! Comon man pull it together.

>could just get back with Tara
>and get rid of her fear of

You just wish that you could stay in your AFC comfort zone and have everything
that you want and have everything perfect etc.

This will not happen.. Wanna know the best way to make her come back.. do the
program, and she'll want you back.. even make her be your PIVOT once you are

You do not appear to have any intention of learning ASF judging by this post so
please do not post here until you are willing to talk about something
PRODUCTIVE.. then I will gladly chat you about anything, since I feel for you
and know what its like to have one-itis-

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