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Re: Calling girls at work.. suggestions

mASF post by Eddy

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Re: Calling girls at work.. suggestions
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mASF post by "Eddy"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2002

sure.. very fair question.

In my pursuits this year, I have noticed a consistent pattern. This is a
personal issue that I notice, and many people will probably disagree with this.
Girls generally seem to fall into one of two categories:
1)intellectually smart, socially dumb
2)socially smart, intellectually dumb

I suppose I could put it like, I like the personality of the girls who are more
into partying, since they seem to know more about the way that the world
works.. but they're never on top of their own lives in the way that I would
like. But the girls who are doing well at school (I go to university) seem too
uptight, and have all these annoying little P.C. views on things that drive me
nuts. Of course I just play my alpha routine and they don't express them, but
it still annoys me.

This girl is very smart, but you can also actually talk to her like a guy (to
some extent, at least more than with most girls). She never blabs about her
problems, and she's very upbeat. She also makes herself look good, and is
pretty hot to begin with (HB8). In other words, I actually think that she's
cool, and I'm not out to mess with her like I am with most girls.

I think that I benefited from chasing other girls first, because I'm sure that
I can land this girl given the opportunity. Unfortunately I fucked up by
focusing on the better looking girl in my class (HB9or10), and only realized
what a catch a non-annoying girl is >after< I got with some other chicks.

My post was just related to the my discomfort with calling a girl at her office
without having been given the number. I feel that it puts her in the position
of power, and puts things somewhat on her terms.

Still, I do think that it can be done, and I'm just going to do it. If I could
get some input that would be appreciated.

I also realized that this is a FAST seduction board, and that the focus here is
to throw out a drag net that will catch as many different HBs as possible, not
a board that focuses on pining after one girl. I do NOT have a crush on this
girl, I just realized while on a horribly boring get together with some other
girl that I'd like to find a girl that I am actually into, and this girl really
came to mind.
Also, I got to see what her personality was like while I was taking class with
her. She never came to talk to me, but I feel that that's just because I was
sitting beside a girl that I was seeing, who was extremely hot. The times that
I spoke with her though, when I could sneak away from the other girl, she
seemed very receptive (kino/smile/mirroring etc.) I bet that I can pull it
off, if she doesn't freak from the stalkerish aspect of calling her at her

hmm, long post.. All this sound reasonable?

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