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Re: Another tasteless, disgusting thread!

mASF post by Lisa

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Re: Another tasteless, disgusting thread!
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mASF post by "Lisa"
posted on: mASF forum: Playettes Discussion, May 5, 2002

On 5/29/02 9:27:00 AM, Commander Zap wrote:

Yeah Zap, haven't been here for a while because I'm afraid I'm not into wearing
my hair on top of my head nor baking cookies for management. I also don't feel
the need to give a full autobiography of my life, recipes or floral dresses
that don't fluff in my ward-drobe as this is supposed to be a seduction board.
(Isn't it?) Nor do I want to convince anyone that I'm somewhat sexually
adjusted and comfortable with it all. I'm sure there are other sites for this
type of activity? When I find out, I'll post the address to the appropriate
person. flirt board. Shame, cause that's what it's turned out to be. Was
looking forward to some seduction/sex stories and tactics without prejudice
persons. Who can honestly believe that the world has come THIS far and yet some
women still suppress themselves and some men still find the need to label a
woman who enjoys sex as a slut.

Double standards MUST be dropped in order for this "Playettes" board to
continue, otherwise we may as well rename it as "AWG".

I don't find your question tasteless or disgusting. It's human curiousity, just
as the human body is a work of art and as sex is enjoyable.

Now, for the good bits...

Cock, dick, meat, slong, prick, all-day sucker, lollipop. Manhood even. Bit
lame though.

Cock's my fav. Sure works for me!

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