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Re: Another tasteless, disgusting thread!

mASF post by AllWeatherGal

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Re: Another tasteless, disgusting thread!
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mASF post by "AllWeatherGal"
posted on: mASF forum: Playettes Discussion, May 5, 2002

On 5/30/02 12:50:00 AM, Lisa wrote:

>nor baking cookies for management.

fwiw, wasn't management :)

>this is supposed to be a
>seduction board.

Seduce away, Lisa. I'm just keeping the seat warm ... I don't have any
seduction stories, so I do what I can to entertain.

>Was looking forward to some seduction/sex
>stories and tactics without prejudice

Nobody's stopping you ... or any other woman! Please ... have at it.

>men still find the need to label a woman
>who enjoys sex as a slut.

Where? Where did this horrible thing happen?

>Double standards MUST be dropped in
>order for this "Playettes" board to
>continue, otherwise we may as well
>rename it as "AWG".

You've lost me here ... I don't see double standards. What I see are precious
few women posting. If you post more you will naturally change the nature and
tone of the board. Which would be a Very Good Thing.

>I don't find your question tasteless or
>disgusting. It's human curiousity, just
>as the human body is a work of art and
>as sex is enjoyable.

So, of the women replying, we're two for two ... neither of us thought the
question was tasteless or disgusting. I do know that Zap found my answers to be
both, however.

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