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Find Stun Drag Fuck

mASF post by Rio

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Find Stun Drag Fuck
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mASF post by "Rio"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, December 12, 2000


Jonathan Ashton <jon***n@my***.com[ ? ]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...
> As I've read the twelve-odd messages in this thread, I've been looking
> for something to take home with me, but I'm not finding it.
> Rio, how do you do things differently now, based on what you've said?

First thing would be to think about the close. Mystery knows his group work
perfect from how I read it, and I have been using his methods to great
success social-proof wise.

The BIG thing that clocked in my head was the need to STATE YOUR INTENTIONS
to the chick within the first minute of meeting her. I will make that my
rule from now on - as with the 3 second rule.
By this I DON'T mean "Let's fuck" or "Come to Papa baby" or any throw-away
shit like that. It has to be an honest assessment of what YOU feel capable
of doing to the chick after the "Hi" and the first round of fluff/routine
(routine preferred - something humourous). GM does this part BEAUTIFULLY,
because he does it with a sense of fun and humour - and HE KNOWS he is going
to do what he says and so does SHE!
I notice Mr. Sex states this a lot in his past posts - where AFC or shit
PUAs do approaches and talk to the chick, but never get to the point AND the
bitch can tell that the guys want to fuck but are too pussy to go for it.
Ross says something to the tune of "And maybe we could really get to like
each other" when he closes in HTGTWYDIB. I also recall that TokyoPUA did a
statement of intentions on that chick he PUed at night once who was
initially scared of him. Johnny Shack does it by when he just springs dates
on women he just met.
So there's some cross references.

The proper methodological way to get to a statement of intentions part is by
pace and lead. But the point of the matter is, you have to structure the
conversation to show interest and intent VERY soon or you will stall, chick
will get bored, feel teased, and then it's C&B time. Believe me, a LOT of
C&B experience with a LOT of HOT chicks has so far has taught me this
painful lesson.
The best way to put it is in the most honest way possible. I cannot give you
a specific example. But the idea is to get her thinking romantically about
you VERY soon. THEN you HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU SAID you would do to the chick
after DDB. (E.g. If you want to start things off gently by holding her hand,
tell her a scene where want to be holding her hand - and then do it in the
next routine after she is comfortable with this.) If you do NOT DO what you
say you will, eventually your congruence will fuck up when the chick loses
patience. Then the chick will be confused, get scared, and bolt. If this
ever happens and the guy tries to do heavy kino or try for a fuck while the
chick is in this state - It's gonna be RAPE.

In fact, on the matter of Rape. I read in Cosmo (Hey, My chick gets fucked
often and STILL reads this!) that psychologists WARN women against guys that
say "Come to my place to see my pictures" etc. when the idea is to fuck the
chick whilst your intentions aren't known to her - because it is DATE RAPE.
Thus as Maniac found out ages ago, that GROUNDWORK is the key element to
getting the chick over to fuck. That can be done through STATEMENT OF
INTENTIONS - and may not necessarily happen through Kiss closes.
You must remember this - a kiss is just a kiss........

IF that works, THEN we can reward her with more conversation and more
Mystery style routines or whatever (because she is OK with our intentions
then - thus the rewards), and THEN up the ante some more with our STATEMENT
OF INTENTIONS, building on what we established before - to get her more hot
and horny than before. So you may have started on holding her hands, now you
may progress on to hugging, kissing, fucking etc. whatever seems to be the
most logical progression from her actions towards you.

Patterns, routines, psych tests, will help greatly during the chat routines
in-between statements of intentions. Those are what set us apart from the
other PUAs out there.

Eventually we get to a point where the chick is DDB, then we can get to the
Drag (you must take the woman to fuck location, or have her so into you that
she will come to you) and Fuck part (in our world of course). The Our World
routine would then be the ULTIMATE in the STATEMENT OF INTENTIONS series
which would then lead to the deal fuck closed. It is in this one that you
state your relationship expectations and put it in "Our World"

Now the method is Find, Stun, Drag, Fuck.

The point is - FUCK all this bullshit about the woman needs to be done in
the "right way" to match her values. Something tells me now that a woman
made this comment as an attempt to rationalize her unreasonable emotions.
The values she wants ALL ALONG is #1 SEX, and to a lesser extent #2 to be
taken care of after SEX. That goes for ANY woman (thus the universality of
the whole principle). When the guy comes along as does her, she will
rationalise that the guy understood exactly what she felt. That's what some
religious women mean when they beautifully say "God knew when it was the
right time for me". In reality, they KNOW DEEP DOWN they are at the mercy of
guys and what they want to do with her. To her, that is "destiny" and no
wonder so many women are suckers for fortune-telling and the like.

Eliciting is when you want to # close or coffee close and check the girl out
for relationship potential. If it's ONS - hey! ya don't need it! If you
cannot attempt a kiss to fuck close in the given situation - you will have
to # close, but not forget to state that your intentions could well get
beyond just coffee!

The other thing - "Make no excuses for desires as a man" is THE SINGLE MOST
IMPORTANT THING (As Ross Jeffries has already said) but I had to experience
it myself to believe it. ALL of what I explained above IS USELESS in
practical application if you are trying to follow it like a script. The idea
is to GRAB that girl and NOT let her get away! ;) So guys, HOW MUCH DO YOU

Also on that note. BE A FUCKING MAN. Act like a guy, and don't think that
mirroring a girl completely is going to make you attractive to her. I know
from experience that the more caveman I go with chicks who KNOW my
intentions, the more they respond sexually.
Talk to chicks as if you were telling your kid brother how to play football
properly, cause your kid brother happens to be shit at football. I
especially like the way Mr. Sex talks to us on ASF - giving pointers and
what-not. I'm sure he talks to chicks exactly the same way IRL - showing
congruence all along.

You can even get around the language barrier! I just about dragged a sexy
Jgirl in a bikini off the beach while babbling to them in English! A
language they didn't even understand! I did that enough and with a smile,
that the chick went DDB and ready to GO when I took her hand. Had it not
been for the cockblock!
Somebody must have taught the "Iranian from hell" this shit!
The way I think about it is much like caveman sex. You see the hot chick,
you bang her on the head with your club, you take her to your cave, you root
her. Thus :- Find Stun Drag Fuck.
Just a bit more aggressive than Find Meet Attract Close, but that's the best
way I could describe what this ugly-as-fuck PUA was doing.

These were the attitudes that I had when I was only just starting to pull
women at incredible speeds while on holiday.

The other point is on Objection handling in regards to the STATEMENT OF
INTENTIONS. What I learned from the PUA I met, is that you fight chick
bullshit with your own bullshit - with a slightly authoritive tone (no need
to REALLY get pissed).
For example :- The chicks said "We have to get to our car" and were ready to
The Playboy said "You can't leave anyway because the gates are closed" even
though the gates aren't closed.
Thus this covers handling chick bullshit - on the phone as well as in real
And one chick on another seduction board I read often typed something to the
tune that she wants to be with a guy that can bullshit his way into her

So there you go. Find Stun Drag Fuck.
Stun is the hardest.

> There are reasons why most of us step through seduction so gingerly.
> We know that saying or doing one wrong thing can blow up the seduction.
> As far as I can tell, letting her know you intend to fuck her before
> you fuck her is one of those things. Another reason is that women
> won't tell you when they're ready to fuck.

But DDB does tell all!
That single most common fuckup is what is called LACK OF CONGRUENCE
(definition courtesy of Mr. Sex). Just like when I called that chick I met
yesterday "my friend" in front of her. Doing that is a sign of weakness.
Chicks can get away with having words out of congruence with their actions,
but guys CANNOT.

> You say that when you "lead girls on" and tease them too much, you look
> easy and they hate you. But this insight doesn't make it any easier to
> recognize when you're "leading them on". The window between when a
> woman is receptive to a close and when you've stalled her is short, and
> spotting it seems to be harder than superstring theory. The answer
> seems to be to make hundreds of approaches, and very slowly improve
> through experience.

Well you have body language and other subtle pointers. Plus we are adding
all the time to our STATEMENT OF INTENTIONS in order to find a barrier and
cut off point. I don't doubt that noticing DDB when you have the intuition
becomes easier.

The one concrete thing I get out of your post is
> that next time two HBs want a foursome with you and your LTR, you'll be
> more likely to recognize it. Or maybe the situation will be different
> enough that you won't.

I fucked that up because I KNOW those chicks wanted me to go with them, and
I over-teased them and didn't capitulate and then state my intentions to
have a foursome. They would have been up for it!
That's when the Playboy showed up to show me the shit, and then beat me
hands-down in a round of THE GAME. ;)

> You also said, "Now I realise more than fucking EVER what a chick
> wants. She wants a guy to go and GET her, make her feel wanted, and
> then have the shit fucked out of her!" But you agreed with another
> poster that you can't just walk up to a woman and say "Let's fuck."
> So what's your new insight here?

It's a no-brainer. Is sex ALL you bringing to the table? That's why he
coupled GM styled intention pointers further into the seduction (after the
earlier G-rated ones), and then when they succeeded in not objecting, he
went to Mystery routines as a reward OR to the Drag phase if they were DDB.
You cannot start the seduction with a statement of intention that skips the
buildup - unless the chick is THAT FUCKING HORNY and shameless.
Chicks want to know that you care about them as human beings and not just
sex objects. Thus neutral conversation gets smattered in between, and the
final statement of intentions clearly shows what his intentions are so SHE
KNOWS that you care about her feelings - in that way.

The Playboy I met even went to see a chick he had a threesome with the next
day (cause she was feeling a bit alone). This guy was no cheap "Player"
(which he pointed out in his great Our world styled close routine on this
9). You could tell he cared enough too.

> Have you figure out a better way to know when a woman is ready to
> be closed? Or a faster way to get her to want to fuck? Or a way to
> let her know your intentions without scaring her off? What's the
> difference between your approach now and your approach before you went
> to Guam? It sounds like you feel you understand things better than
> you did before, but I can't figure out what the new understanding is.

Well, now you have your answer.
Mind you, I'm only getting the framework now that I sit down and try and
explain what I am now doing. This shit became automatic when I had the whole
experience of witnessing this guy and learning from him.

Any questions or comments? Fire away....


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