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The Power of Thought

mASF post by ox

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The Power of Thought
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

On 5/30/05 12:46:00 PM, jaydilla wrote:
>There has always been a
>discussion amongst the
>seduction boards that a strong
>frame of mind is essential,
>not just for PU, but in life
>in general. Now I used to read
>this all the time, but I never
>REALLY understood what it
>meant. Yes, I would say, I
>have a strong frame of mind! I
>am determined! I won't let
>anything stop me! Which was
>great, because it led me here
>to my current situation. But
>the power of thought does not
>stop there. To have a real
>strong belief in your thoughts
>will determine every external
>factor that comes to you. A
>true understanding of this is
>crucial to success.
>Circumstance is not something
>that is determined by luck, it
>is only determined by the
>manifestation of your
>thoughts. Afterall, a man's
>character is the sum of all
>his thoughts. Think about YOUR
>current situation in your
>life. For myself, I can see
>where I had the thoughts of a
>king in particular areas of my
>life and how I soared, and
>other areas where I let my
>thoughts and desire dwindle
>and how they correspond to my
>life now. This is the power of
>thought. Thought is spawned by
>desire for something, and if
>you have this strong belief
>and strong desire, then there
>is nothing to stop you. That
>is it. This is how to shape
>your own reality. Everything
>that doesn't enter the
>equation will naturally be
>ignored. Respect is a given.
>Fear is not something that is
>considered. This true belief
>in yourself and desire to
>accomplish will carry you
>through. It has carried many
>great people before you, and
>will continue to do the same
>in the future.
>So now do not underestimate
>the power of thought. If you
>plant the seeds for positive
>thoughts, positive reactions
>WILL come. Likewise, negative
>thoughts will garner negative
>reactions. A successful person
>does not fall from grace due
>to fate or bad circumstances,
>it is his negative thoughts
>and desires which have led him
>to his downfall. My advice to
>those with a weak frame of
>mind, as a beginning is to
>write down positive statements
>and to read these to yourself
>once a day. This is nothing
>new. But this is all from MY
>experience, and it has worked
>wonders for me. Let me give
>you another example in
>relation to PU.
>I posed a question asking how
>people would tackle a
>situation regarding a group
>setting with 4 guys and 4
>girls. After reading the
>replies an interesting thought
>just came to me. When my
>thought pattern is similiar to
>this - "I have to break into
>the group. I will open this
>guy now and get the girl" it
>is like they can already smell
>my agenda from a mile away.

practice opening afc´s in clubs. it is good practice. you will get comfortable
when you have to tool them in a group. it is really simple. open guys. talk to
guys. befriend the guys(get used to this by opening afc´s and proping them and
shit). then neg target and isolate need a dhv machine there to get
the group going..

>The only time I've ever
>successfully done it 100% is
>when another drunk guy from
>the group approached me as I
>opened up his unwilling
>friend. If my thought pattern
>is like this - "I will be a
>cool sociable guy" I can
>usually open anyone because
>there is no hidden agenda and
>they sense that. Now, for the
>TRUE power of thought. If my
>thought pattern is this - "She
>is a beautiful woman and I am
>going to get to know her"
>backed with strong DESIRE and
>FAITH in myself, nothing is
>going to stop me from
>approaching her like a man,
>like a real alpha. To think is
>to act.
>Every action I do, everything
>that happens to me, everything
>that comes to me is due to my
>thoughts. Now live the life
>YOU want to lead. Plant the
>positive seeds of thought in
>your mind and reap the
>harvest. There REALLY is
>NOTHING stopping you.

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