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When is screening an excuse for sucky game?

mASF post by AlwaysExcel

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When is screening an excuse for sucky game?
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mASF post by "AlwaysExcel"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

One of the seduction principles is that a guy should have his own strong
reality that a girl has to measure up to or work to be a part of. I’m currently
trying to improve my mid-game by focusing on qualifying, rapport, and push
pull. I’m having problems with girls being interested in my reality though
(even when I get basic attraction from being confident and goodlooking). In
other words it’s a problem of value and I’m unclear on how to interpret or
frame this. My dilemma is whether to view it as a deficiency in my game or a
deficiency in the girl. Am I not correctly conveying my value or does the girl
simply not hold the same values as me?

For example, I’ll talk about things I’m interested in and the girl will act
bored (even if we’ve fucked). Am I failing to present my reality in a
sufficiently attractive manner OR is the girl a total lamo who just
disqualified herself? Is my frame not strong enough or is it so strong that
she’s shyt testing me? Sure I could always interpret things positively and
frame it as her fault. But the interpretation determines my actions. Do I next
her or do I keep fucking around with her, trying to improve my presentation or
practice passing shit tests?

It’s not a matter of my value. I know I have value. I just know that, 1) I can
bore the hell out of people by reveling in my own logic and 2) lots of people
in my neck of the woods lead very tame boring lives compared to me and AREN’T
best parties for hundreds of miles and bunches of people drive in from out of
state but hardly anyone in my hometown ventures out.) So it’s either my game or
their lameness. And maybe my game is too weak to overcome their lameness but
how much energy should I really invest in trying to interest boring people?

I don’t like posting questions with concrete examples on seduction boards
because the responses are almost overwhelmingly that it’s MY fault the shyt
went south, which is a negative reframe for me. Of course there are also those
“NEXT HER!” responses, which come off as bitter and knee-jerk. So I’m left
with more conflict. My inner game» suffers because I’m not confident that I know
what I’m doing or can learn anything from my experiences. I’ve just continued
on until I’ve hated the girl and then ditched her but I suspect that I’m hating
and ditching her because she’s not validating me.

I see it as one of the paradoxes of seduction, like “pass her shyt tests but
don’t jump through her hoops.” Yeah, refusing her hoops IS passing her shyt
tests but focusing on passing HER tests is a hoop jumping mindset imho. Sorry
if this post sounds like bitching. I’m cranky because I haven’t gotten laid
lately. But I’d really like to know how you guys, especially the
natural-game-screen-right-off-the-bat guys, overcame this problem or achieved
some sort of balance between the two interpretations.

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