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Questions about the Secret Society

mASF post by R4

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Questions about the Secret Society
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mASF post by "R4"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, February 2, 2005

Now that TD has a live in girlfriend and claims to have
social anxiety disorder, does that now take him out of
the secret society?

You guys react to these theories and ideas like they are
some sort of religion. They are not. Think critically about
who comes up with this stuff and how they arrive at their
ideas. TD came up with this idea after he had some big
success for a while, and out of arrogance he claimed to
"know" the secrets of this secret society. By creating a
paradigm of a secret society--what is implied is that
99% of guys DO NOT know what the Amazing TD
knows. In some ways, the notion of a secret society is
one big advertisement to go out do the RSD seminar.
The allure being that if you attend, you will learn these
secrets that the amazing TD figured out in his quest to
be cool.

And now look at the guy. The self proclaimed guru has
a hard time approaching women and his game is in the
toilet. Probably most of the guys reading the fast
seduction boards are having more success than TD is
these days.

The point being, read between the lines--and get rid of
this notion of some sort of hierarchy on this board. Get
rid of the notion of the dating guru and that someone
has something to teach you from an elevated status.

Peace Out

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