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Well... it sems to me that‘s IT!!! Workshop revi

mASF post by freeMAN

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Well... it sems to me that‘s IT!!! Workshop revi
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mASF post by "freeMAN"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, November 11, 2004

First to say something about me:
I'm from great, wonderfull country Romania, I have
laid many
women and I'm pretty good. Since i was 16 i started to go out and meet women on
street, from 18 i started to go out and meet women in clubs and my first lay
was at 19. At
20 i got married, had a boy and after 2 years i divorced. Snce then i
started to PU more and more girls, met a lot of PUA in clubs and started
to gain more succes with girls, but still not what i really wanted (to
have the most beatyfull girls). Now i'm 25 and i felt like i want to
have a better undertanding of what to do to get THAT woman!!! 4 months
back i started to search different forums, read tons of e-books, FR,
methods, routines, techniques and lots of other mind fucking stuff and i
found out about a good neighbors, Croatians. After I red what Badboy,
Shark and Cortez do in Croatia, i decided to go and see for myself if i
can learn something that can make acchive my goal.
Badboy and Shark do only group workshops now, and since i was pretty
good in the field of seduction, i considered that personal attention
would be more suitable for me so i contacted Cortez on his e-mail after
others told me he's in charge for one on one training now. He is kind of
natural that understands seduction like a scientist. His experience as
an instructor comes from working with many guys on Badboys workshops.
Cortez asked me a few questions about my skill level and what is my
objective. He told me that the program is most for the intermediate guys and
and if i wish we can skip directly to correcting my game.

OK, Workshop:
1st day
First day, not according to the plan, i met with Badboy, Shark, Cortez
and some other guys. Better for me, it was very useful to see them all
and ask them questions and have a chance to listen to them.
Later on Cortez explain to me what is the core of their teaching of
pickup, including how to get high atraction in seconds and he explained
why most guys finish fuckd up after reading different seduction boards.
i understand now why pickup is to be learned live. He served everything
to me in very easy and memorable way thati is why i didn't need to take
any notes. The first night out i was still confused but i did well. I
taken numbers from 3 hot croatian women.Cortez was always there behind
my shoulder to watch for mistakes and add in something from time to
time.At 1a.m. the most of the women left, and lot of other guys came, and
we finished earlier.

2nd day
I think was the most important stuff. I was taught about bodylanguage
and alpha behavior down to
details.Cortez answered literary hundreds of my questions. He has been
in almost every situation i could
imagine.You can see he is teaching what he learned trough his own
experience and not making a big story out of it. Later he pushed me to
thestreet sarging, and it was exciting like street always is. We went to one
of best clubs there. It wasfull of good looking women! I was instructed
to aproach less but stay persistently whole time in the set. I became
angry after 2 - 3 girls in row thought i am croatian pretending not to
speak croatian, because of my east european accent. Then i said to
Cortez, let me see you in set, knowing they don't aproach on workshops. He
patiently explained to me that he is the coach, coaching me, and that i
can watch him but will not improve till i do it. He said it is my time
and it's better spent if i aproach.
I said 'No I want to see you in a set, please'. 'Which set?' he asked.
I showed him two girls. We
both went there and separated conversations immediately. I didn't
understand what was His chick saying on croatian.
Cortez looked playful and like not trying much to talk to the girl.
After 10-15 minutes he put the girl
between his legs, he was sitting on a high chair and the girl was
standing, and started spinning her with his arms. The girl seemed confused.
He went for a tongedown, girl refused. He didn't care, turned her once
more and started kissing and licking her neck from behind. She refused
another tongedown and he just continued kissing and biting her ear.
This all took maybe 2 minutes. Third time she didn't give no resistance at
all, on the contrary she accepted tongedown and started touching him
back with passion.
In the meantime i was with my chick, create more attraction and applied
the wide and deep rapport that led me to kiss close and a lot of kino
from her side.
We stay in that set about 30 minutes, when Cortez asked me ''Do you
want us to go fuck them
in my apartement or you want to continue with workshop?''
I wanted to continue and we kiss the chicks goodbye.
Cortez chick was a good 8, and mine was just a little bit less hot.
They were both 21.
We stay in the club until 3 a.m. having fun and me practicing
bodylanguage and strong frame approach.

3rd day

Last day we talked about lot of different subjects, like dating game,
peacocking, kiss closing.. He
showed me different tricks that can be of use in seduction, especially
i liked the trick that made golddiggers
stick with me like glue. I was given many personalized advices on how
to aproach considering my dressing style,bodylanguage, attitude.In the
evening we went out to do street and I did one aproach that led to a
kiss close after 15 minutes right there on the street. The girl was
beautiful, I have her picture in my camera. She has a boyfriend. After she
gave me her number i asked Cortez to finish earlier, it was midnight and
i wanted to sleep. And i knew there was almost nothing more to be
learned about seduction.

My sweet duty now is to practice and have sex with dozens of beautiful
women. Six months from now i will be one of the best in the pickuping


OK, i wrote this after about three weeks since i took the workshop
because i wanted to make sure that the game is on, that i can PU SHB's and
that techiques matches my personality.
My game is boosted ahead for light years, i feel even more confident
and lack of confidence was never my problem, I understand very clearly
how picking up works. The workshop saved me so much time, money and
effort.It would take me years of everyday PU to figure out everything what I
learned in 3 days there.
I already recomended the 1 on 1 workshop with Cortez to few of my friends
and they realised the huge improvement to my PU game. It's worth of
every cent.

You will see... Wink

Cortez, i looking forward to see you in Romania and go out and meet women on
the sea side together!!!

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