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Intro & questions on day 7 email

mASF post by PerthChump

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Intro & questions on day 7 email
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mASF post by "PerthChump"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, September 9, 2004

Hi Gents

I've recently come back to the seduction boards after a 4.5 year hiatus due
to... well... marriage. Just when I had almost escaped my previous extreme
AFCness I got sucked right back in. But now its time to put an end to that once
and for all. Anyway, onto my query...

Lately I've been using internet dating websites because I'm looking for a
particular type of chick. Specifically I'm after sexually submissive chicks and
my expectation has been that its probably easier to find them through kink
personal ads online than by going through lots of girls in r/t who all turn out
to be vanilla. However, my thinking on this is changing as I have had no
success and am starting to think that I could just get some vanilla chicks and
convert some of them that are open to the possibility. The fact is I've only
got in contact with about 3 or 4 chicks in the last 3 months via these sites.

Anyway, this one I've spoken to most recently, about 10 days ago, came across
as pretty keen when I spoke to her via IM. I pushed to meet her ASAP and she
started going on with this crap about nearly getting raped before when she met
someone and how she needed to talk to me via the net a couple more times. I
pushed a little more and she agreed to meet in the next couple of days, but
said she would have to rearrange her schedule and that she'd get back to me
about whether it could go ahead or not. Okay, so the next two days (Thursday
and Friday) come and go and there's no response (what a surprise!).

So I emailed her on Friday night and wrote as follows:

"You were going to email me about meeting in XXXX, remember? I am disappointed
in you for having failed to do this. But we can talk about that another time.

I think it is still worth our while to meet, given the similarity of our
situations. If there isn't an opportunity to chat before then, then I would
consider meeting on Monday at 12.00 to be a reasonable target. There is a cafe
in XXXX shopping centre that would be appropriate. If this isn't possible for
you then suggest an alternative day, keeping in mind that I am only available
around lunchtime, in general."

The weekend comes and goes and there's no response, so I'm thinking the chick's
a flake and that I'll send one more email in a week and then forget it.

Now, the shopping centre where I was going to meet her is where I usually go
and have lunch each day. So the following Monday I get there a bit after 12.00
and I'm walking through to the supermarket where I buy my lunch. I think to
myself well wouldn't it be funny if that chick turned up anyway, and am then
intrigued when I notice these two girls hanging about out the front of the cafe
acting a little strangely in that they keep looking around, poking their heads
in the cafe and just generally appearing a bit lost. But I don't consider it
could actually be the chick. So I go in the supermarket and get my lunch.

When I get back to the checkout, about 5 minutes later these girls are still
there, still looking around and stuff. Now I start to wonder. I look at the
girl who is looking more keenly and I observe that she's the same height and
clothing size as the chick I'd been talking to. I observe the other chick and
note her to be sort of nervous and almost like she's following the first chick
around like a puppy dog. This is relevant because the chick had told me she was
bi and had a little female friend who was submissive to her and who would be
available to play with us. The nervous chick fit that picture. Anyway, they
keep looking about for a few minutes and then suddenly walk up to the counter
in the cafe, purchase something and leave. I'm still in the line at this point.
I don't see where they go to.

So anyway, today's the day when I ought to send the last email, going by the 7+
day rule. My questions are as follows: Does what I observed mean I should
change the wording of the email? Given she is either a flake (so it doesn't
matter), or she might have actually been there, mean I should word that final
email differently to take into account that that might have been her?
Regardless of whether it's relevant or not, how should this final email be

Thanks in advance


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