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SS Seminar Thoughts

mASF post by stevie_pua

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SS Seminar Thoughts
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mASF post by "stevie_pua"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, October 10, 2003

I attended the Speed Seduction London Seminar in September and this is a short
report to say how much I enjoyed it and what I thought of it.

I attended the Saturday and Sunday seminars and Ross took me and Papa out to
lunch on Saturday during the lunchtime break. It was very interesting to meet
Ross in person after having studied how materials for a long time now. It was
also interesting to see him outside of the seminar room and to chat with him as
we walked and ate at the restaurant.

Ross has a good presence when teaching and he really makes sure to help people
understand his teaching. There were a lot of guys at the seminar who were new
to the material and Ross made sure to explain to them and give examples to help
them understand his points.

He did a lot of individual and group work with students at the front of the
room during the seminar and I think most of them benefited a lot from the
exercises and change-work he did with them. He gave practice assignments to a
lot of them which they were to do at home during the coming weeks and months to
help continue the changes they wanted.

Dave Riker spoke during the afternoon too and he was good at explaining in
great detail the overall mindset that Ross was teaching, as well as answering
individual questions from the audience about what they should do in specific
situations. Ross was awe-inspiring to some of the students I felt. He is the
famous guru after all, and it was good for them to have Riker there to answer
their questions too. Riker was a student of SS too, just like the new students
in the audience, and I think they were able to relate to Riker in that aspect.
He has used Ross’ training to improve his life and so the students were able to
ask questions to Riker as fellow students of Ross. Riker was accommodating and
accessible to them in this regard.

Riker also ran his “Riker’s Log” workshop in the evenings and though I didn’t
attend these sessions, all the students I talked with said how useful they
found these sessions. They thought the sessions were good value and said that
Riker went to large lengths to give personal teaching to them.

Yates was there too and he did the first sessions of the day, getting people
settled down and doing some visualization and relaxation exercises to prepare
the student’s minds for the learnings they were going to have from Ross and

The new model of SS is much more overt than it used to be. On the Basic Home
Study Course a lot of the patterning is covert and designed to create states
without the person knowing what you are doing. The covert model is still valid,
and the new model incorporates the covert model but the new model allows the
SS-er to be much more blatant.

Ross gave examples of new techniques such as Signal Recognition, energetic
breathing to pump up your state, hypnotic demonstrations, the Cube, and
synesthesia. He brought up demonstration subjects to show how the techniques
are used and it was interesting to see them working at the front of the room.
Ross gave some examples of using 3-D Mind techniques to make changes to
students’ beliefs and ways of thinking, and showed an interesting reframe for
people who though they could not be attractive to a women (this was the one
where they had to hold out their hands and juggle the beliefs from hand to

I learned some new SS material from the more overt model, and also watched how
Ross was able to hold people’s attention and have a commanding presence. He is
a very humorous teacher and when he is at the front of the room he is throwing
funny remarks into his teaching all the time. That is a good technique to be
able to have. If you are genuinely humorous and can see the lighter side of
things, chances are you are going to pass on those good feelings to the people
you are around.

Ross was using funny role plays with people a lot, for example pretending to be
a Southern Baptist Preacher casting out demons and saving their sargey souls.
Using humor and role plays like this is not something he teaches directly as
part of SS but it is worth modeling for sure. Ross even used GM style at times!
He would say something a obviously sexual or risqué and then when he had seen
it register with the person/people he would follow up by saying “Just
kidding/Only joking”. Because he was playful he was able to get away with his
comments because they were funny. They nevertheless clearly get people thinking
in a sexual direction. He has very good body language when he moves and speaks,
and has a direct gaze that transmits playfulness and controlled power. These
too are worth modeling.

I really do see SS and other models of seduction/pick up moving closer together
during the past year or so. Ross has always stressed the benefits of
playfulness in his teaching, and it really is something he does well. I think
new students of SS should remember that it is supposed to be done with
playfulness and enjoyment. Using a little cockiness and being playful with your
techniques is something acknowledged across the seduction boards as being a
good thing. I think SS comes into its own when you have isolation and are in
comfort-building phase. If you have managed to build attraction using
“put-ons”, cockiness, playfulness, busting on her, then when it is time to move
into comfort-building/isolation, the pattern language and overt demonstrations
are most effective at this stage.

Since I have been in Poland I have recognized that I need to gather a little
more information from chicks. I entertain them and show personality a lot
during the first 30 seconds to a minute and then might go into playful busting
and teasing. Ross teaches the importance of gathering information which you can
use to influence the target and this is something I will work on during coming
weeks. He has taught this for years of course and I used to gather questions
early on when I was going for big rapport-Juggler style conversational
seduction. This was accompanied with themes and SS language.

For a while I worked only on entertaining and not asking a lot of questions. I
found that using Tyler’s material helps build attraction fast. The challenge
with me up to now in using this material has been in moving into
comfort-building phase. That was something I had not been incorporating into my
MM style sarging. I see now the need to ask questions a little AFTER you have
conveyed your value and then to control and lead the conversation and
entertaining around the now personalized topic she has presented to you as
being of meaning or interest to her.

It really is worth studying with all kinds of teachers because they can help
you link in new and missing elements in your game. I’ve been studying all these
method for years now and still see links all the time which are new to me.

Thanks Ross for inviting me to the seminar. There was definitely something for
newbies and for more experienced guys too, and I know Papa found it useful too.

"Respect the cock! And TAME the cunt! TAME it!"

Stevie PUA


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