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Re: Field Report: Women make me sick

mASF post by vectorz

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Re: Field Report: Women make me sick
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mASF post by "vectorz"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2003

On 4/14/03 6:30:47 PM, zyxwxy wrote:
>Face it: the OG had better
>skills than you, and you had
>no idea what
>to do about it.

Uhm, I could've sworn I said in the FR itself that he obviously "Had much more
game than I did." What, are you just repeating what I pointed out? You sound
more upset about this FR than I do. What is your REAL problem here? On one of
the other seduction boards, I posted this exact same article and got the same
iritated sounding replies just like yours. He than let it slip out that he was
ugly and takes it personally and that was why he was being so nasty about it.
Is this the same thing going on here?

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