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commercial seductionists: you are now accused

mASF post by TylerDurden

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commercial seductionists: you are now accused
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2003

dude, you've gotta actually look at the bottom $$$ here..

RJ, I agree completely, because he is clearly making more and more material,
keeping people hooked, etc etc..

But guys like Mys, Formhandle, Juggler and possibly David D are A-D-U-L-T-S who
give up opportunity cost in order to do this stuff.

Take Mys, who I'm sick of defending and this is probably the last time I'll do

He makes x-$$$ from his magic gigs (MORE than from a workshop), but does
workshops because he didn't get anywhere banging his head against the wall
doing 3000+ posts for years and years. He was like "fuck this, the guys who
want it bad enough I'll just teach in real life".. Also, I guarantee you that
there's no way that you could figure out this delivery and bodylanguage type
stuff on your own.. It took the guy 10 years in the game to get to the level
he's at (frankly a level that I wouldn't want for myself, given the sacrifices
I'd have to make). He could EASILY do SEMINARS like DavidD and RJ, but does
SIX PERSON workshops, because he feels its the only way to get actual results.
Just think about that. The guy could rake like FIFTY GRAND doing seminars, but
CHOOSES to do small workshops.

Also his board is just something he setup when his girlfriend found ASF, and he
couldn't post anymore since she'd see it. The ONLY shit that he says not to
disclose is MAGIC/MENTALISM, which if you know any magicians or mentalists,
they are sworn not to disclose any of the illusions by some magicians code
something rather, that they take very seriously.

I disclose workshop info on this board NON-STOP, and Mys doesn't give a shit.

So anyway he gives up $$$ to travel around and do workshops, because he has
love for the game. Maybe cause he likes to show off as well, but its not like
he couldn't just show off for the thousands of people around him anyway.

Formhandle is some kind of computer expert or something, and Juggler looks like
a pretty together guy as well.

David D, I dunno, but he sounds very intelligent on his CD set, and I'm sure he
could clock in 6 figures doing other stuff as well.

The only $$ I ever made doing this stuff was having Manifestis fly me into L.A.
to help him, which I didn't want to do at all, and had my arm twisted for 2
months to get me to do it.. I had to DROP OUT OF SCHOOL this semester in order
to do it, and lost BIGTIME $$$$$ with my work by taking that week off.. I slept
on the floor, I was STRESSED as HELL for a good month and a half before I did
it, and had major performance anxiety doing PU.. I didn't make a cent from it,
and just had the ticket covered.. Actually I LOST $$$ since I had to pay
airport parking for a week, and hotels the night we went to L.A.

I met Superslicka in Ottawa the month before to go out and sarge, and was so
nervous about it I practically couldn't do approaches because all I could think
about was that I was going to have to get used to impressing a paid audience.
I was like "if I can't impress Superslicka right now FOR FREE, how can I
impress Manifestis next month???" I closed less girls all month, and all I
could think about when doing approaches was that I'd better be in TOP FORM,
since I have to meet Manifestis. It sucked shit, and the ONLY reason I did it
was because I KNEW that Manifestis needed help really bad, and really wanted me
to come down very badly. It took all the fun out of my game for the entire
month, and basically gave me non-stop anxiety.

I was like "PLEASE FLY UP HERE INSTEAD, and I'll put you up in my house and
shit" cause I can't handle this PRESSURE.. but he wanted me DOWN THERE, so he
could PU chicks that he could continue seeing..

In the end, the California thing ROCKED and I did AWESOME (still didn't even
perform at FIFTY PERCENT of my abilities because of major anxiety, but fifty
percent of my abilities is pretty good still, and taught him everything and
criticized him for 12 hours per day for 7 days).. Got him his first
kiss-close, and got him some non-flake dates.. showed him everything from
bodylanguage to recognizing AIs, to sequencing a PU, to phase shifting..

So remember, people do lose $$$ when they take time to do other things.

I DO agree however, that you should read ALL the free material that's out there
before you start thinking about commercial stuff.. (UNLESS you are busy with a
good paying job, and just want fast results since you actually would save
$$$/time by just doing the commercial thing). I've read EVERYTHING in the
entire scene probably, so for me taking a MM workshop was the next step, and
one that I benefitted from tremendously.

I'm on SIX very good seduction boards, but this PUBLIC board is the only one
that I actually participate on (the others I just cut and paste some of my
posts). So you know that I'm in agreement in terms of making the information
public. I just think that you're taking some of these guys as people trying to
cash in on people's misfortune, rather than people trying to help.


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