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A Maniac Compendium and question for Formhandle

mASF post by suavedave

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A Maniac Compendium and question for Formhandle
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mASF post by "suavedave"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, November 11, 2003

I spent this afternoon working on the following file and feel relatively
satisfied with it. My overall goal is to go through Maniac's entire archive
with cut and paste and create an essay-- the following is taken from the mASF
searchable archive; the following taken from 120 odd messages from the archive
where the man has posted a lot more than this.

Formhandle, if you have a chance can you let me know how I can gain access to
the files and use cut and paste. I'm sure that the end result will be a
_massive_ help for the readers here, particularly those who are influenced by
Maniac's work and wish that he would post here anymore. This planned
essay/compendium would be great to add to your website... take a look at this
preliminary work... Ok, just a request.

This has not been EDITED a great deal but should not contain any big errors.
Compliments to PUAs!\


OVERSEAS CHICKS. Based on my experience in Tokyo, and now London, I think it is
to fuck the overseas j-chicks than the ones in Japan, pretty much for
the reasons already posted here..

Ie: Oxford street in London is just fucking heaving with Japanese and
Korean chicks, who are

1)very lonely
2)Have no boyfriends since they just got here
3)want adventure (which is why they came to central london to start
4)are free from stigma, and pressures of family, society...
5)have escaped into 6 months (or a year) of whatever the fuck they
want to do, and plan to take full advantage
6)want to learn english, and are happy to fuck for it..

When I got here, I nailed two the very first week (met them at the
*same* party).. it was so little effort and so easy that it just
wasn't fair.. so I decided to move on to non orientals and get some
new skills in a harder market..


SOCIAL CHANGE. This is not just about picking up chicks.. it is the beginning
profound social change in these countries, where we are now calling
all that as the bullshit it is, and we take back our rights, and our
rights to have the expectations we have as men...


THE PURPOSE. The purpose is:
-To share in an exciting adventure together
-To give the chick more pleasure and excitement than she ever got with
any previous guy (or girl ;-) ), and that she will likely ever get
with any other who follows after me
-To help her explore her (as well as my) boundries together
-To make this the best experience she ever had
-To absolutely rock that chick in every way

If she appreciates those things above, then I care for her alot.

If she does not then she'd best not go out with me.

In the case of lhasababe, she is loving every minute of it!

2001/05/16 -- Hotly dressed chicks are worse fucks than librarian types.

2001/05/15 - Give campy chicks money to fuck them

AFTER THE FUCK. "now the challenge has moved on to what can I
do with a chick AFTER I have nailed her..

What are her fantasies?.. does she even know what
they are..? yet..

-to be my fuck slave?
-to be someone's sex slut?
-to be a sex slut for a few guys at once?
-to eat out another chick? or whip her and tie her up?
-to be the center of a gangbang?
-to be the center a of sexy photography session?
-to yell out how she wants to be used, and get it
up the ass, and how horny she is and just craves it!


The goal is to help her discover those fantasies, and
then once known, to help her/elicit her to act
them out.... ...and live out that adventure she ALWAYS
wanted.. with fun, and security.... it is every
woman's dream really.. even if she doesn't know it

Now that IS the game... that IS the challenge!" (2001/03/24 )

2001/05/14 After lay see what he can get a chick to do

know 'can I make that chick dress like a fuck
slut, and go outside with me, can I make her exhibit herself, or
do threesomes, or make her kinky.. or whatever.. that is the
game I play..

I enjoy it even more than the regular Find/PU/Lay
game, so recently, I have been focussing on fewer chicks,
and seeing how fast and how deeply I can corrupt the ones I
get.This report, is the results so far, with Lhasababe
(original lay report on ASF/pickupguide

After laying Lhasababe, I told her some stories about my ex-
GFs (well, really current, but she doesn't know that), and some
of the really crazy things they did.. HB ass wearing a
micromini, undressing HB Afro in the park one night, fucking
a chick in the trainstation once, the kinky party that HB ass and
I went to sometimes

[a lot more here... a long report]

DO IT FOR A REASON. "Toecutter's point is right though, every story I tell has
a reason for
me telling it (to elicit a state, get some information..etc)...
everyting you say/do in a PU, you do for a reason.." 2001/05/14

MAKE YOUR OWN PLAN. "Basically, thats how it works.. The rock plan is similar,
but works
for him (his cartoons, painting, art..etc), the maniacplan (travel,
cultures, language, dance) works for me... each one has to sit at home
for a while (if you cant do this naturally on the fly like I couldnt)
and make one that fits YOU.. and then go out, and try it, refine
it...etc." (2001/05/14)

FAILURE IS PART OF IT. "Generally, the key to remember here, is that alot of
failure also
comes with success in PU. Anyone who seems always successful,
all of the time, is less likely to be believable. Because in real
life, it just ain't so. All PUA's know this. Guys like Rock,
tPUA, Taro-san, and even myself, fail alot.. all the fucking time,
as well as succeed. We have our down days (or months) as well
as our good ones... it is the nature of the game.. " (2001/05/09)

to think through the PU/chick logic processes more deeply, and
that is what will make you a better PUA.. which in the end,
is the goal anyways." (ibid)

CREATE LOCAL GROUP. (2001/05/04)

PROVE IT TO YOURSELF FIRST. "One of my philosophies is to be able to field
test, execute and
prove (to myself) that what I talk about really works in the
field, repeatedly, before posting it, or committing it to my
website." (?)

NEED TO STAY IN FORM. It showed me though, that last night's PU session, did
me. I guess it is like doing statistics or something, once you stop
doing it for a month or so, it is really rough to get re-started
again.. shows again, you must do it *continuously*, to stay in
good form.." (2001/03/31)

ROCK HARDERS AND PRACTICE. "The evening also showed something else. Rock
was an AFC last year.. he is a short (like me),
kind of runty oriental kid. But guess what, he did
ALOT of study, fixed his image (made his hair spiky
orange), got cool clothes, and PRACTICED EVERY FUCKING
DAY!" (2001/03/31)

DESCRIBING SCENES TO CHICKS. Basically Kate's point (some of her text is below)
is that when
describing a scene to a chick (either the current scene she
is in, or a scene you had with a previous chick, in order to
get the chick you are with now, 'in state'), it is better to describe
it more delicately, and in ways of how it feels, touches, senses,
and not as much as what was 'done'," (2001/03/26)

IF KINK. "Come session time, you must plan it out ahead, or
it will be shit. If you know she liked to be tied up,
have rope, or handcuffs or whatever, or vibe..
have it all ready, and watch her state carefully
as she is doing everything, and if she starts to
fall out, change tact..." (2001/03/24)


FUCKING ATTACHES A CHICK TO YOU. "I mean if you wait for fucking to
happen 'naturally', most guys would be waiting forever! fact that
aboveit sounds like chick-speak), you have to *DO* it. That act in
itself attaches the chick to you, and makes her want you, and feel all
those 'great feelings at many levels' that chicks always talk about
when they blabber on about a new BF.." (2001/03/22)

if chicks are forthcoming/sleep around.
HB ass did it for a while, and it was actually entertaining to
hear her stories, and learn from her descriptions about what
other guys did to chicks when laying them, and what was
good/bad about it." (2001/03/20)

TO REMEMBER FOR LAY REPORT. "The way I remember the detail is simple. After the
lay, (and while the
chick is recovering in the bed), I go to the other room to my PC, and
write up condensed notes of what I did/said and what happened.
It takes like only 15 minutes." (2001/03/20)

BELIEVE YOUR OWN BULLSHIT. "In fact, that whole incident taught me a principle
of PU regarding
bullshit. Its this.. that chicks do not look at your excuses and try
to see if they are bullshit or not.. because that is the logical thing
to do, and chicks are not logical. Rather, what they do is see if YOU
seem to believe your own bullshit when you say it. If you look like
you do, then chances are, they will believe it too. So the key is to
believe your own bullshit, and other aspects about yourself that you
want the chick to believe about you too (alpha male..whatever)...
because your own self beliefs for some reason will automatically
'impart' to the chick!" (2001/02/28)

"As another example of this. I went to Cambridge (England) this weekend
with a reader from ASF. I did a Pu of this chick sitting in from of
us, as a demonstration.. and it was just stunning, how when the chick
looked a glance a me, she was relaxed, and smiling, but then looked at
the ASF reader (he is RAFC, and was kind of nervous about the whole PU
situation I just put us in), then chicks expression just CHANGED...
instantaneously, to fear, and cold.. " (ibid)

get multiple chicks
-he is able to replace me
-that other chick is more satisifying to him than me (because she
assfucks and I dont)
-she is probably sexier and prettier than me too.
-since he is able to get multiple sexy chicks, he is desirable as a
-that means he must be good for me too
-but I need him more than he needs me, I am 'attached' to him, and
since he has choice, I have lsot my power
-he dominates me, and controls me.. if I do not follow his way.. I am
OUT, alone.
-I am afraid of being replaced, or not to have value as a woman.. but
at the same time, it is exciting to have a chance with someone who
is desired by other women who are also attractive.
-these feelings of fear, excitment, and the chance that I may lose it,
makes me more excited, hot...horny.. fuck!, get me that Jelly!" (2001/02/28)

[dont be direct about it)

KINO #1... THEN STORY TELLING. "I am finding that being a good story teller is
VERY important,
second only to Kino in importance (and way ahead of things
like looks, money..etc). This basically is the foundation
of NLP to get it to actually work in the field." (2000/08/15)

THE IMPORTANCE OF MONEY. "Money is a TOOL to be used to lay chicks, like NLP,
like Kino, like calling bullshit.. It helps to have a little bit
but really, it doesn't take alot (heck, Smooth and Taro-san lay
chicks for less than $5 usually, and I try to do it for
about that as well, or less), and if you have other things,
then money isn't needed at all.." (2000/08/15)

"Now if I want to do something, like have a chick do a slow
and sexy striptease for me in a hotel window with the city view
below so I can see her hands tremble on the glass while I fuck
her from behind in front of the glass, well, then I might pay for
the room if it was my idea.. ..since money is just
a tool to get what you want. That's what its all about.." (IBID)

MONEY. Usually I lay a chick after spending less than $5 on her
(I *might* buy her a cup of coffee, or a beer but even then,
recently I dont even do that).. (2000/08/09)

"No need to spend money,.. Mr. Smooth and Taro-san are BOTH
unemployed, spend no money on chicks, yet lay HBs left and
right. See my HB Hotpants horror story (on my page) for what
happened when I *used* to waste money on chicks... now
I am wiser.." (IBID)

DONT BE NICE. "But she broke up with him because she said he when she would
tease him, he wouldnt tease her back or get back at her, he
would just be nice to her more."

"So now she goes out with me instead, even though I fuck other
girls behind her back (which she knows about), even
though I get mad at her when she asks me about why I leave
other chick's hair and other shit lying around the house
when she comes (answer, because I am too lazy to clean it
up). ...and..get this, she says THAT is why she likes
me.. because she cannot control what I do, and that
makes her crazy..and also because I ALWAYS call her on her
bullshit rather than sit and sulk like her ex.. Reminds
me of that HB blitz chick (see my page).

Rule: dont ever fucking EVER be a "nice guy" to a chick you
want to fuck, or want to continue fucking.. even if you
somehow "got lucky" and managed to fuck her inspite of being
nice the first time around, HBs will still dump you in order
to go out with a guy like me, like she did. She talked to
me for 10 minutes how he was so nice and how he took care of
her so well,...but guess who's bed she was in last night?!..
not his.." (2000/08/12)

EYE CONTACT. "I knew a guy who could pick up HBs in Berri station
at 12am just with eye contact.. but I was a total AFC
then, and didn't know what the fuck he was doing.. now
I know better ;-)" (2000/07/31)

JAPAN VS. US. Yes, I think PU of HB's is probably easier here in Japan than in
the US, where shitloads and shitloads of UG's abound everywhere." (2000/07/05)

"It also makes the landscape a bit more competitive for the
chicks themselves to get guys (since a FAR higher % of the
population (anywhere from 10x to 50x) would qualify as HB status
here, such that being an HB is really nothing special here at
all, as so is every
other chick)," (IBID)

LOOKS. I disagree.. Taro-san, a PUA I know is NOT good looking really.
Neither is GM, Nathan's PUA friend (seen pics of him
in the lounge... he is NOT handsome)...

BUT... both of them TOTALLY rock at PU'ing HB after HB..

Looks can help a bit (ie. they will get the attention right
away), but that is not what makes or breaks the deal.. not
even 10% of it.." (2000/06/26)

NLP GOOD. "I wouldnt worry about it.. I'd rather be short and fat,
and be an ace at NLP than look like Tom Cruize or Brad
Pitt and have AFC social skills.." (2000/06/10)


SIMILARITY WITH FUKU. "But then when he touches her (her neck, her lips, her
..cunt.. (usually in that order), this makes her BODY desire
more of such treatment, as it feels good, and so desirable,
even if that is totally contrary to what her MIND wants.
So she will ask him to stop, but at the same time, but her
body even closer to his so he can reach even more!" (2000/05/27)

MIND/BODY DUALITY. "Today I had a chance to talk to Ms. Kinky (see my home page
for more about this chick), and gained some insight as to
why many chicks often say/feel that they dont want to sleep
with you (the first) time, while at the same time, they
want to as well (and if you do your PU properly, they end
up doing so).

She said the reason for this was as follows:

In her mind, she meets a guy, but it is scary somehow to
give herself up to him. Of course that scariness is what
makes him attractive, but at the same time, she is afraid to
sleep with him, from a mental point of view.

But then when he touches her (her neck, her lips, her breasts,
..cunt.. (usually in that order), this makes her BODY desire
more of such treatment, as it feels good, and so desirable,
even if that is totally contrary to what her MIND wants.
So she will ask him to stop, but at the same time, but her
body even closer to his so he can reach even more!

Its like her MIND is still afraid to fuck that guy,.. while her
BODY is gagging for it.

Ms. Kinky says that basically, this is the dillema in most
chicks minds during the middle/final stages of a PU. Mind
versus body.. Guys who ignore what the chick is SAYING, but
watch her BODY movements (excitement, getting closer (or
farther)..etc), as he does the Kino, will get her.

She goes on to say that it is really like the chick's body, and
her mind are two different entities..totally. Her body wants to
get touched, sucked and fucked, but her MIND is afraid of
this, and does not want it. This is the contradiction that
makes the sparks fly inside her, and makes sex exciting.

So, thats why lays often work with chicks, when you say you
have no intention to fuck her, while at the same time you are
getting your hands in her panties so you can pull them off and
get inside her!

To her at least, it all makes sense when a guy does it that
way. At a body level, the fuck is taking place, which is
what the body wants, and at the mind level, you are telling her
you have no plan to fuck her, so the fuck is now not taking
place, and fear is assuaged. So now both mind and body are
congruent (with each own's view) of the current environment, and
the then lay can happen.

At that point, once you go in her, things TOTALLY change.
Because at that instant, the body feelings TOTALLY
overrun her mind. This is where the "conquered" feeling comes
from. Her mind was fighting her body, and the mind thought
it would "win", it was comfortable, and then all of the sudden,
knifelike intensity hits her brain each time the guy now goes
in/out of her, it is a direct and extremely intense connection,
straight to the deepest parts of her mind, which can now
feel absolutely that she has "lost" the battle and is being
overrun in all directions from feelings of her body, so then
she gives up totally, and succombs to her fate.

That generally, is how she explains it.

She also went on to say that when a guy AFC's on her, and
stops when she says so, that the sparks never happen, and
the lay cannot. Because it is not the physical feeling of
fucking that excites her, but rather that feeling when her
mind loses the battle to the body (above), and she has to
give up as her brain gets overrun with all the physical
signals from her body. A typical AFC lay will NOT give her
those feelings, because that 'clash' in her brain then
cannot happen. It is not the simple fucking that excites her,
it is that feeling of "losing" that does, and (non AFC)
fucking is just the means to achieve that feeling.

I found this discussion with her to be very interesting; I
would be curious to hear from some of the ladies around here
as well as the guys on to what I have just discussed above." (2000/05/27)

S&M OPENESS IN JAPAN. (2000/05/26)

EMOTIONS AND REVEALING OUTFITS. "Okay ladies, honest question.. why do you
think this.
I mean, using fear (like using excitement, fun,
adventure..etc) is a way to move a chick to do something..
like if you speed, you might get a ticket.. if you playing
games with me, I will blow you out.. why treat it different?" (2000/05/18)

DETERMINE WHAT A CHICK WANTS. "The important thing in this case, which is the
main point
in that lay report, is RECOGNITION of what a chick is looking
for EARLY ON, and then "being" what that chick wants, right
from the start. That is a shortcut, and when a chick does
that, you can cut all the crap, and get right to the point
early on, IF you RECOGNIZE that shortcut she has given you."

"So, it is not only a question of effort, but also RECOGNIZING
that particular chick's DESIRE, and then choosing the direction
to take to reach INSIDE that chick's head. Making alot of
effort, but heading in the wrong direction... leads nowhere.
Better to take those shortcuts when they present themselves..
provided you recognize them,.. ..

And the when the shortcuts arent there, then you have to find
out what the chick wants, and then get those feelings going in
her head, as RJ correctly mentioned above." (2000/05/16)

Attitude + congruency --> Correct action --> Success
Attitude - congruency --> Confusion..weakness --> Failure" (2000/05/14)

BEFORE HE POSTS. "NYC's reply was VERY thought provoking. I have a reply, but
I am going to get Taro-san and Smooth's comments on what
I am going to say first, as this topic hasnt been dealt
on the NG much before," (2000/05/12)

DEBRIEF AFTER THE LAY. "One thing I always do is "debrief" a chick the next
time I
see her after the first lay, to try to find out what she
felt, if it matched my assumptions during the PU,
and determine what I did right/wrong."

STORIES. "Basically, I learned that as mrsex4uNYC said, you MUST tell
sexy stories to get her imagination going. The routine of
-HB ass playgirl
-Drunk friends 3p
-(ask her what she did/want to do (3p, costume play..etc),
kiddingly after the story (ask her if she ever wanted a
chick../touched a chick/kissed a chick..SM ..costume play)..
-tell park fuck story (ask her opinion if she did or if she
ever wanted to try.. get that imagination going!)
-tell train station story (ask her wierest place/what she would
feel to do there)
-tell fuck party/couple play" (2000/05/12)

SOME REPORTS TO READ. "Read the lay reports on my page,
especially the last 3 (HB vamp, nursebabe, karatebabe)" (2000/05/11)

GOAL. "Most seduction books out there are shit, and AFC
all the way. My goal is to get REAL information that WORKS,
assemble it so that I can become a better PUA (in all ways),
and then share it with others.." (2000/05/11)

HBS IN JAPAN. "I know because if you take a white chick from the USA, and place
her here...
YOU BET it works! I see it all the time. Because HB white chicks
I know from the USA or England lose their bitch femenazi
fucking fast when they get here, because they
got something they NEVER had back home.... competition.." (2000/05/10)

"A couple American chicks wrote me after reading a few of the
reports on my page and said exactly that.. guys wouldnt act
like that, but they wanted it,... and it is because they cant..
the risk/power factor is too imbalanced there, because the UG
ratio is so high so it is often too risky for a guy there to
try/get away with something like a few of the things I try here." (IBID)

PURPOSE OF PU. "My goal is to become better at PU, to give me a choice in
to give chicks I choose the BEST rocking time that they ever had
any guy. That is the only objective and is why I am on the NG." (2000/05/10)

ON PERSONAL ATTACKS. "I don't take venom, attacks and spam personally, its
to PU.
Any post which is thought provoking, and on point, I welcome and
pleased to discuss whether it is from RJ, Ray, MrSex4uNYC,
whoever." (2000/05/10)

FIND OUT WHAT A CHICK WANTS. "It is the man's job to find out what turns on the
chick, and what
makes her move, and how a chick reacts to an emotion, and deeply,
how that emotion makes her feel inside. Each chick is different..
Once I debriefed Ms. Kinky fairly thoroughly, and she said
she wants to be spanked (hard) when getting fucked.., and it
good to be scolded (once she started crying that she made a bad
dinner, and I (stupidly) told her that it was very good (it was
actually)... but actually, she was acting out a fantasy..she
me to scold her for a bad dinner, and whip her ass... See, she
didnt want to feel wonderful, she WANTED to be degraded.. I
do that though, and she got mad at me for it.... typical chick
logic.." ((2000/05/10)

OK TO CHEAT. "On the other hand,
HB Blitz said that she does not react to guys who treat her
she blows them all out. She dates her BF BECAUSE he cheats on
fucks other guys in her bed, PU's other chicks on planes while he
is with her, and THAT is why she liked him! Because he was his
man, and NOT controllable." (2000/05/10)

OLDER WOMEN AND PSYCH GAMES. "Psych. games like I did with Karate babe are not
needed for such
They are also wiser and dont go after the "bad boy" image as much
the younger ones, which cuts out alot of the crap too" (2000/05/10)

THE GOAL. (MORE). No, they definately are not. Remember the goal..
The goal is to give YOU, the man, choices, and to give the woman
you CHOOSE, the BEST rocking time that so she will always WANT
because she cannot get what she REALLY wants from ANYONE else,
nobody understands her like you do (in every way). Never lose
sight of
that!" ((2000/05/10)

PRACTICE ON UGS. "And see, I learned this, because I practiced on throwaway
chicks like Ms. Tubby. She wasnt pretty, but was practice
nevertheless, and by FUMBLING her, I got it straight when
Nursebabe came along, who was a really similar chick, AND
and an HB.

Practive practice.. never make excuses, if theres no cute
chicks, hit on the UGs, because you can learn from that,
and better to fuck up on an UG and learn to do it right
for the HB, than wait..wait, then see the HB, and fuck up
on her.." (2000/05/08)

A PACKED EVENING! "The first part of Saturday night, I fucked HB Afro for the
time (see lay report: The fly who shagged me!). At midnight
(last train), I toss her out of the house gently (after a whole
night of fucking), and head over to a disco in Shibuya district
of Tokyo" (1999/09/26)

MAKE A WEBSITE! (1999/09/06)

guy. Many Japanese guys are very shy,
to the point of being 'geeky', but he is different. He never went to
college, and his whole life revolves around picking up girls, and
shagging them. He is very charming in person, and makes no excuses
for what he does, but in a very friendly nice way. It is really hard
to not like Mr. Smooth, he is gentle, casual, and doesn't try to be
someone he isn't personality wise, and he is not ashamed at all to
get blown out (unlike any Japanese guy I have ever met before)." (1999/07/16)

GET NANPA VIDEOS. "Probably the best thing is to get your hands on some of
nanpa videos I was talking about, it shows (basically), the same
techniques at work.." (1999/07/16)

6 CHICKS! "Basically, the situation is this. I am shagging
6 chicks now (not counting miss Saigon, who
doesn’t live here). But they all want to see
me at least once a week." (1999/07/12)

TOO MANY CALLS. "None of the chicks
knows that the others exist. This is bad,
because it means I have no time to do new PU’s,
and they keep calling and bothering me all the
time. But I don’t really want to dump any of
them as I like each chick for something and
they are all cute and wonderful. Rather, I’d
like to not get hassled, but see each one when
I want, say every 3 weeks or so, so that will
end up to be a chick over ever 3 days or so,
which is nice, or more if I want." (1999/07/12)


NANPA VIDEOS. [this sounds sick.] "WHen I think about it, this is
what they do in those Japanese nanpa videos.
3 or 4 (or 5) guys hit on one or two chicks on
the street, and totally blitz her. It is non
stop talking, real fast, and she
goes into trance because of the sheer overload, that point she turns to butter, agrees to
everything because she is getting blitzed so
bad that she can't even think sidewares, and then
they can get her back and fuck her (all of them)." (1999/06/20)

QUICK KISS. "The chick I laid last night, I tongued down within 10 minutes of
meeting her. Last month, on the first smooth night, I tongued a
couple girls within the first 90 seconds! It happens guys.

My chick wasn't a whore I think, just she broke up with her
BF last month (she says) and was feeling lonely, and wanted a good
fuck. With chicks it happens sometimes..." (1999/06/20)

JAPAN, GLORIOUS JAPAN. "Is it popular? You bet.. In fact, as incredible as it
may sound, there
is a popular "chikan train bar" in Tokyo, which is a bar that looks
like a subway bar. Inside, the hostess girls (staff) are wearing high
school girl sailor uniforms, and OL (office lady) uniforms that the
chicks wear in the Japanese companies,. The customers (guys), are
allowed to "chikan" the girls in the bar, like as if they were in a
real train car, but without fear of retribution from police.

What a country, zillions of HBs, lots of kinky shit, totally sexist…I
can’t imagine ever leaving… ;-)" (1999/06/19) [+ mR smooth using nmp)

KAIZEN. "(BTW, to Outfoxxing, why if I got 5 chicks I am shagging, I still
ask for advice… Well, because one can always reevaluate, and
learn new techniques, and I think that is cool, look at NYC, or
Mystery, or some of the other players here… they teach/ and they
learn too…that is so cool…. and also I like PU’ing, and talking
about PU’ing better as much as shagging chicks, so I want to get
better at it. I got 5 HBs (pics coming soon, website almost
worked out BTW!, thanks for the offer Nathan, I may take it up
if my website solution doesn’t work out), because I am so
persistant, and try PUs almost everynight, on the train, on
airplanes, in the elevator,..where the fuck ever I am… I go
through shitloads of chicks PU’ing every week. That makes up
for my shitty successrate, which I want to improve…, it also
means I dont care, am not afraid to try new shit, and don’t give a
shit at all about rejection…I am used to it, and just think after a
rejection, what I should/could to the next time, to get further in
the PU process with that type of chick… do that/repeat 1000s of
times,…and you get better, and eventually get success…)" (1999/06/18)

FR OUTLINE. " Be very
complete, right from start to end, what you said, did, what obstacles
you hit, how you recognized them and how you handled
them..etc..fuckups are fine too, as they are great to learn from" (1999/06/07)

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