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For all you advanced PUAs

mASF post by Alessandro

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For all you advanced PUAs
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mASF post by "Alessandro"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, December 12, 2002

I ain't not PUA, nor advanced RAFC but ..

I first went about it the traditional way: Got good looks, good cars, good job,
etc. That got me 3 lays in 2 years.

Then I went about it the nerdy way: read tons of seduction
, tons of pop-psych tapes, winged with other ASFers,
reported, field-tested whatever was posted here. This got me
about 3 lays in one year, plush shit loads of close-calls.

Finally, I got a job as a bartender. Now everything is normal, I see it done 10
times a day on front of me. I no longer sarge, and so far I got laid ONCE in 2
months and all I had to do was walk her home after the bar closed. Most of the
time though, I spend my time screening for psychos, hoes, and underage kids.

If anything, the only time I "sarge" these days, is when I
am trying to get bigger tips, or looking for someone wealthy
who would either: 1) Sponsor/Invest in my business idea, or
2) Get me a better paying job in a stable industry.


"make the ho say YES YES YES"

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