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Re: Blueballs Field Report

mASF post by ClimbingOut

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Re: Blueballs Field Report
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mASF post by "ClimbingOut"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, November 11, 2002

<n3rv1> wrote in message news:[email protected]...
>So we start talking about sex

...waiting for the other shoe to drop... <whistles>

> and here is her first attempt at
> stonewalling me. She starts talking about how she isn't concerned about
> (BULLSHIT I tell her), how she's had bad experiences in the past (you've
> with the wrong guys I tell her, but with me......), and I ingeniously link
> earlier conversation about consciousness, willpower, and higher existence
> At this point I would like to suggest to anyone looking for fresh ideas to
> consider using this approach on chicks. They find it fascinating, as it
> combines two elements that females absolutely love: sex and
> Sex AS communication is a powerful and seductive topic. I brought in the
> sutra, the physical exhileration of sex, and notions of nature, the aura,
> following subconscious modalities into the picture, and before I know it
> hour and a half has past. To keep the situation from going stale, I say,
> it's been awsome talking to you, but I'm hungry!" I ask if she's hungry
> which she is, so I suggest we go get something to eat and continue the
> conversation. She agrees, and we meet 10 minutes afterward.

I've done this too in the past, but now upon seeing it from the outside, it
really comes off as you concentrate on sex too much. One chick saw my
collection of tantra and seduction books and said "you make it so much more
complicated than it has to be...chicks are easy". The only time this has
ever worked for me (note I say "time" not "times") was when the chick made
it known that she wanted to fuck me and I was unintentionally cocky/funny
with her first about her sexual attraction to me. Even then she was nervous,
as I did not do much kino on her before, but luckily she basically seduced
herself and was dying for dick. ;-)

> Now here's where things get complicated. As we're walking, I asked her
> she did on Halloween. She says she made out with one of her friends. She
> goes on to explain that she makes out with this guy on a semi-regular
> and that they are just friends and at the end of the night they go their
> separate ways. My response was, "well that would piss me off." I explain
> her that I would feel like a piece of meat, and that I expect more
> encounters than to just go home after making out.

Did she only just make out with you? She hasn't done that to you, yet (I
know later on there's more than making out between you too). Why be offended
by her actions towards some stranger? Besides, words are cheap...just ask
Gunwitch, or anyone else who concentrates on state and the physical first.

> This was a temporary setback, as I exposed the fact that I am expecting
her to
> slop my knob at the end of the evening. She keeps hammering on the point
> she's not going to make out with me, and that she's worried about
> "expectations" and "assumptions."

ASD going up.

> Now at this point, we're in the video store
> about to get the movie. I'm standing there thinking, what a goddamn waste
> time, and remember the advice in TFM to end the date on a positive note,
> that if it looks like you're not going to get any action, eject ASAP. So
> decide to NEXT the bitch.

Then, do it and have fun on Friday night.

> I'm just like, "I don't know if I wanna watch this movie any more." She's
> like, "you got me all excited to see this, and now you don't want to?"
> like, "yeah, I'm re-evaluating my evening. I'd rather watch it on a
> night instead of a Friday when I could be out doing other shit." She's
> "see now that I told you we're not going to make out you don't wanna hang
> any more." I swear to God that time stood still as I pondered telling her
> NIGHT PANDERING TO YOUR ASS" were on the tip of my tongue, but I refrained
> said, "well, you have shit to do tonight, and I just don't know if this is
> I wanna do."

Is this a shit test on a chick?

> We walk out of the video store and start walking away. She kind of starts
> pleading with me now, saying that there is a misunderstanding and that she
> didn't mean to give me the wrong idea. I begin to think that this is a
> sign, and remind her that I am not just a peice of meat.

No man would have passed a chick's shit test using these tactics.

>She seems a bit flustered, so I say, "fuck it, let's go get this movie."

You sure have a funny way of NEXTing. :-)

> We rent the goddamn movie, and as we're walking back to my place, I inform
> that after several hours of great, enlightening conversation, it just
> me to hear her still stuck on this point of not making out with me. I
> inform her that we're going to stop talking about it, and that the topic
> be changed. I explain that she shouldn't worry about me, it's this movie
> about to watch that's going to fuck her raw... (waking life is definitely
> mind-fuck)

Now, you are going to implicitly say "I'm getting horny, but don't worry...I
will use all my willpower to NOT get on you tonight." I doubt she believes
this for a second, but she's still going back to your place...maybe there is
something that can be "saved".

> We get to my apartment and the animal magnetism begins. She loves my
> which is all over my walls, and I plug my christmas lights in (gets'm
> time). I light some inscense, and while I'm putting the video in she
> next to me, puts her arm on my shoulder, and leans on me. "Oh your ass
> to me woman," I think to myself.

Now that you know the outcome of this story, would you say that her ass was
rather on layaway at SaveMeFromMyASDMart?

> I start massaging her shoulders as the previews play, and she enjoys it.
> I don't have enough space in my apartment for a couch or a futon, so we
> sitting in separate chairs (I also have a TV the size of a case of beer).
> the movie starts we instantly start to cuddle, but it is akward because
> in separate chairs. I suggest the floor.

"Willpower"...fading. :-)

> I grab a blanket and some pillows, and we curl up on the floor to watch
> movie. We're both on our sides, and she starts grinding her ass into my
> I start feeling her tits (no resistence), and by the end of the movie
> making out, dry humping, I get her pants unzipped (against her initial
> wishes... god another critical thing learned from ASF: DON'T LISTEN TO
> SHE SAYS, PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT SHE DOES), finger her a little bit, and
> the movie's over, I pick her up and drop her on my bed. We make out some
> and this is when the blueballs hit me like the plague. She starts
> about how she has to go

Uh, keep kissing and doing what you're doing? What happened to "DON'T LISTEN

> so I tell her to feel my cock before she goes

State break, instead.

> (which she does)

Bill Clinton might learn a lesson from you...the whole "say it and she does
it" thing. :-)

> and as soon as she's out the door I've got the lotion and damn near
> fill up the toilet with my fucking wad.

Been there, done that.

> Regardless of the outcome, I have learned several valuable lessons in
terms of
> eliciting values, leading the conversation, not paying attention at
> times, and how to make myself the prize. Who knows if we'll end up
fucking (I
> think the next meeting will go quite well), but I'm happy for the time
> with some titty sucking and dry humping with a hot ass dancer who 12 hours
> seemed like a lost cause.
> Any thoughts, opinions, suggestions will be appreciated.

Yeah be happy for 5 minutes, frustrated for 5 and then let it go. You did
almost have the TA complete...I suspect these next few days will be telling.


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