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Re: Warning to Newbie

mASF post by Heero Yuy

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Re: Warning to Newbie
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mASF post by "Heero Yuy"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, July 7, 2002

"A Modern Caveman" <amo***n@ao***.com[ ? ]> wrote in message
news:200***0@mb***.com[ ? ]...
> >Newbies: take into consideration ray's post and weigh it against this:
> >
> <snip>
> A page on a server which is home to several white-power websites,
> to by people who have also defamed me.

You've effectively defamed yourself when you spoke those words. People
aren't nearly as moronic as you. Anyway, considering you harassed the owner
of another web server to take that site down, it appears they had no other
alternative but to use a server that shows more examples of free speech than

I assume the webmasters of will be able to concur since
it WAS their site that you had removed the first time.

> Doesn't change what I wrote about this group one bit. People don't have
> spend money to get my methods so they're not going to care.

No. They just have to pay for consultation with a jackass who knows nothing
about seduction. Formhandle has Ross' book linked for free on his site and
it's not quite as "DUH!!" as yours are. Ever wonder why you REALLY had to
stop putting a price tag on your seduction books? At that rate, you might as
well make your whole site free.

P.S. is also a free resource. I'm surprised you
neglect to mention this with all the talk of paying.

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