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Re: For Telembe, in case it got lost in that huge thread...

mASF post by Entropi

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Re: For Telembe, in case it got lost in that huge thread...
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mASF post by "Entropi"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, December 12, 2000

On Sun, 24 Dec 2000 10:55:47 GMT, kof***a@my***.com[ ? ] wrote:

>Telembe, there is a book on using NLP techniques to get men to fall in
>love with you.
>It's called "How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You" and the author is
>Tracy Cabot, Ph.D.
>Her website is
>Of course, I am like half of the things that she says serious-minded men
>should never go out with!
>(this is mostly because I don't want to get married, have kids, clean up
>after some guy, be monogamous unless I'm getting so much good sex I
>can't think about another guy...)
>I think there is probably also some good stuff in Leslie Bandler's

Another book you might find useful, Telembe, is "How to Make Anyone
Fall in Love with You" by Leil Lowndes. I have _not_ read the book,
only brosed it (pretty well) in the bookstore. The book gives advice
to both "hunters" and "huntresses" and might help you accelerate your
growth in the arena of romantic/social interaction with the eligible
members of the opposite sex. Some of the things in that book may come
across as manipulation, but then so is makeup, perfumes, clothes and
everything else in the GAME. In any case, the book seems quite
insightful to me about many aspects of love/seduction.

>Have any of you guys read the NLP source material above and beyond the
>seduction books?

Yes, I have.

"If I'm gonna get my balls blown off for a word,
my word is POOOOOOON-TANG." -- Animal Mother

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