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Re: Audio Outing Report books on better communicating skills out there any can

mASF post by Multonne

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Re: Audio Outing Report books on better communicating skills out there any can
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mASF post by "Multonne"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, November 11, 2000

myt***p@my***.com[ ? ] wrote:

> So this book/audio is really worth checking out? Do you think it would
> be just as good as the seduction books that are available?

If you want to develop your own model of seduction, an underlying framework
.. then this would be a good book to model it on. You can go to your local
bookstore and read it for free. If you like what you read, then buy it.

If you're looking for endless one night stands, this is NOT the book for
you. Most seduction systems, when they actually work, lead to empty sex.
The guy is always left feeling empty. So he tries to satisfy that emptiness
by having more and more women. But yet, the emptiness never goes away. ...
ad infinitum ...

On the other hand, if you want to be HAPPY and FULFILLED .. and share that
with a woman or women .. then this is for you. I don't know of any
seduction system out there that can do that.

These are all my opinions.


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