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Re: Jerks Really CAN Have It All!! (was: Re: the ultimate supplication)

mASF post by mad***5@my***.com[ ? ]

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Re: Jerks Really CAN Have It All!! (was: Re: the ultimate supplication)
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mASF post by "mad***5@my***.com[ ? ]"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, August 8, 2000

How about this - Daddy swept mommy off her feet, made her feel like an
angel. She respected him so much and made him so happy, we decided to
become a family. The prescence of patterns and such is irrelevant. The
idea of romance 'just happening' is a female myth. It takes work and
preperation, mostly on the part of the man.

Men should stop playing women when women stop playing men. Lose the buy
me this, do this for me, crap and maybe we can have more honesty in

To qoute Bill Mahar "Women have no right to complain about men until
they start showing better taste in them."

If I could get woman as a 'nice guy' I would - but I've been one most of
my life and not seen much success. Therefore, women don't want a 'nice
guy' I'll treat them how they want to be treated.

> Some Guy Writes:
> > Wise Woman earned her handle over again in spades because she wrote:
> >
> > >Here's a clue for ya, kid. Being a father is something you
> > >should want for *yourself* - ergo, no supplication involved. If
> > >you're thinking of it in terms of something you are being
> > >coerced into doing by someone else, you aren't ready to be a
> > >DaDa.
> I couldn't agree more. I'm only going to get married and settle when
> want to have a family with kids - and not before then.
> <-----------And do you expect the mother of those kids to conceive
> with you in the parking lot of a nightclub after you negged her? Or
> you plan to tell your kids how mommy was taken but you ran a
> boyfriend-destroyer pattern on her to get her away from the other guy
> before you hypnotized her into the sack without her knowledge?
> What is most likely to occur is the Ted Nugent example where one day
> decides he wants to settle down and be the family man, after spending
> few decades getting everything he wants. In other words, absolutely
> punishment from women and a clear, CLEAR message to men that it's okay
> be a player for as long as you like as long as ONE day you clean up
> act. In other words, the "nice guy" the women settle down with after
> sampling the jerks is nothing more than a reformed jerk. Nugent's
> an asshole, though a proud one.
> The ONLY way a man can stay "nice" and confront this is to have a
> policy not to associate in any way with women who reward players, and
> inform them, ONCE, in as polite a tone as possible, of this policy. A
> player will put down a nice guy and say that he's an asshole and she's
> stupid for liking him, but he'll still want to associate with her. A
> nice guy doing the reverse not only puts down his opposition, but
> her that her dealing with him will cost her his friendship. It
> sound like much, but when a woman throws away a two-year friendship
for a
> two-week fling with the jerk, and the jerk moves on to the next
> all she's left with are bad memories of the jerk and the knowledge
> her mistake cost her one of her true friendships. You'd be surprised
> extent to which the women will go to rebuild the bridge in this
> Returning Fox scenario.
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