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mASF post by can***8@my***.com[ ? ]

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mASF post by "can***8@my***.com[ ? ]"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, July 7, 2000

> FREE Seduction Books!! <fre***s@ju***.com[ ? ]> wrote:

> <----------The lines work best on ditzy, idiot sluts who are looking
> a reason to be "taken" by a man.

Watch it, man. That's my girlfriend you're talking about. She's been
with 4 men in her entire life, never cheated on anybody, is extremely
intelligent and well-educated, and as a matter of fact, she DOES want to
be taken by a man--a perfectly natural, normal thing for a woman to

> do VERY WELL. If you notice, however, when the men talk about TRULY
> CARING for a woman, they find themselves stalled. It is also common
> players to get laid by a succession of women who mean little or
> to them and then lose out on the one quality woman they truly want
> because they have chosen to follow this path.

The women I've been with have all been LTRs or potential LTRs, every
last one of them. They've all meant a great deal to me. And they've
been of universally high quality (in my opinion). And I've never lost
out on a quality woman I wanted.

> Anyone with a fundamental
> understanding of women knows that a quality woman would not want a
> player.

Your definition of quality seems to be "not promiscuous and doesn't want
a player." Seems like circular reasoning to me, unless you want to
clarify what you mean by quality.

> Another problem with SS and the player techniques, since their
> goals are oppositional to what women want,

So you're saying that women don't want sex? Maybe the virgin Mary and
Mother Teresa don't, but every other woman I've known has wanted it very
much, even if societal pressure caused her to hide it.

> the more they become known
> among women and men, the more women can neutralize them, and the more
> rival males can score points by warning the women. Many of the
> which have been highly successful in the past are literally on their
> legs.

None of my friends or colleagues has heard of these methods. They are
not even remotely well known to women. And I've had sex with half of
the people I've told about these methods. The other half were men.

And how would one go about neutralizing them, other than by abstinence?
It seems a little masochistic to try to neutralize a guy who makes you
feel better than you've ever felt before.

> For the record, I am a natural alpha male in his mid-20s, good looking
> enough to be noticed, muscular, well educated and with an unusually
> and sharp sense of humor. Getting women has never been a problem for
> (not since the age of 11, anyway), but with these methods I've been
> to take it a step further--getting laid per se is so easy for me now,
> it's not even really my main goal anymore.
> <-------------Note the references to CUPID, which can be found in
> in the books listed on my website.

Yeah, I just checked out your website. It's a pretty handy (though
simplified) scheme for describing what the general population desires in
the opposite sex at the aggregate level.

You seem to be a little bitter, based on what I read on your site. I
understand this of course, because the world is a pretty screwed up
place. You remind me of a good friend of mine, who is a perpetual grad
student--he has a lot of well-thought-out theories about men, women and
relationships, but is about the most sexually repressed guy I ever met.
It's really sad to watch. When I visited him recently, this
ridiculously attractive fellow grad student (9+, or 75+ according to
CUPID) sat down next to him in a student bar and was completely
fascinated by everything he said. She stared at him, her eyes open in
wonder, touching his elbow frequently, for about 2 hours as he held
forth on every imaginable subject. According to your system, I think
this would be your kind of woman, because she seemed to value intellect,
rather than status or looks.

My friend just kept looking at me the whole time, trying desperately to
pretend she didn't exist. Finally, when we left, I told my friend that
I thought this woman had the hots for him. He said, "No she doesn't.
Trust me, I know her pretty well. Besides, she has a boyfriend [ed.
note: who lived 1500 km away and hadn't seen her in a year]."

I'm not saying you're repressed (I actually have no idea what your
personal life is like), but I do think you concentrate a little too much
on theory and too little on practice.

> Some of the patterns won't work so well on particularly literate or
> intelligent women, but that's where improvisation or custom-tailoring
> come in. They also won't work so well on unimaginative women, but I'm
> not particularly interested in unimaginative women anyway.
> <----------As long as you don't want intelligent women, you won't have
> problem.

Read my paragraph again. I think you missed a word or two.

> I use a woman's receptivity to these methods to screen her OUT.
> In other words, I want women who are IMMUNE to them.

So you're into lesbians, man? Cool! Let me know if you get some, and
what methods you used.

> If you like these
> quality women, try the FREE books listed on my website below.

No, I prefer women who like to have sex with men. I know, it's very
unenlightened of me, but hey, at least I know what I like. UGH! ME


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