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School of Seduction hits Paris (Article)

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School of Seduction hits Paris (Article)
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mASF post by "hit***y@my***.com[ ? ]"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, May 5, 2000

Check out this article on the Parisian "state of the art" school for

Me, I'll stick with Ross.


School of Seduction hits Paris G-spot

by Matthew Green

Paris - As spring blossoms in the world's most romantic city, the
loneliest of hearts are paying for lessons in love.

Frustrated Parisians are turning to classes at the city's School of
Seduction where instructors promise to teach even the most timid men and
homeliest women to approach the opposite sex with Casanova-like

"We teach men to dare," said Veronique Jullien, the flamboyant
42-year-old founder and head of the school.

Speaking in discreet offices in the centre of Paris, Jullien said that
for many singles the picture postcard cliches of kisses stolen by the
River Seine and rendezvous in romantic restaurants were nothing more
than a far-off fantasy.

The school hopes to restore some of Paris's lost romantic glory with a
course of theory that ends with practice in the city's streets.

Art of seduction

After a psychological profile to identify potential weak points,
candidates progress to one-on-one lessons or role-playing exercises with
one of the school's several seduction coaches.

Enter the black-clad Michel Daous, whose business card describes him as
a "sexologist".

Favouring a grey ponytail and a black, brass-topped walking cane,
53-year-old Daous explained that his philosophy rested on the simple
premise that if you don't ask, you don't get.

"Mathematically, for every 10 women you try to seduce, one will say
yes," said Daous.

The films, American Gigolo and Dirty Dancing, are staples of the school
syllabus - where romantic heroes demonstrate the key techniques of eye
contact and enticing body language.

"In France, the museums are terrific - you can immediately see if a
woman is available in the way she looks at objects," said Daous.

The skills are not just useful for finding Monsieur or Mademoiselle
Right - the school also specialises in teaching ambitious executives and
politicians to ooze charisma.

The French idea of seduction is as much about charm as physical
attraction, and the school aims to show how to allure and intrigue
rather than simply pick up women with one idea in mind.

But for any type of seducer, a make-over session with the school's style
counsellor is crucial in fashion-conscious France.

Jullien proudly displays a framed photograph of a bedraggled-looking
young woman sulking in a tatty tracksuit. The "after" picture shows the
same person smiling radiantly, in an off-the-shoulder dress and with a
new hairstyle.

Hands-on training

With a new image and all the right moves, male candidates are ready to
join Roberto, the dashing Italian seduction coach, for the nerve-racking
process of turning theory into practise.

Using years of experience accumulated as a swimming pool lifeguard,
Roberto, 36, makes a few demonstration passes, before prodding his
clients into testing their new-found charm on shop assistants or museum

"I was always trying to seduce women. Each time I failed, I asked why,
and learned by my mistakes," Roberto said with a smile.

No magic remedy

Frenchmen who have so far failed to live up to their reputation as the
world's greatest seducers make up the majority of the 1 000 or so
clients which Jullien said the school had taught since it opened four
years ago.

Jullien says increasing numbers of 30- to 50-year-old career women are
turning to her for help in rediscovering powers of attraction lost while
concentrating on their careers.

"We are perhaps seductive in our make-up, but not in our attitude,"
Jullien said. "Women must be more discreet, more suggestive - not talk
too much - be very feminine."

The key for men is to look into a woman's eyes and make her feel like
Cleopatra - no matter where they are or what they are doing.

"Often a girl who is sitting on a hard park bench reading a book is just
pretending to read - really she is waiting for Prince Charming," Jullien

For men and women, results can take time for courses which cost 7 000
francs (about R5 632) for two months of sessions, or 15 000 francs for a
nine-month programme.

One client, a 38-year-old office administrator who gave her name as
Laurence, said that after four months of one lesson a week she did not
yet have a man in her life.

Full of hope after dumping her old black and grey clothes for brighter
colours and putting highlights in her hair, Laurence said the school had
helped her realise that you do not have to look like Claudia Schiffer to
attract a partner.

"But one has to make time to find men," she said, explaining that she
hoped joining a hiking club would provide a likely hunting ground.

"It's not a miracle," she added, with a wry laugh. - Reuters


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