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Review: Art of Approach

mASF post by thrillseeker

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Review: Art of Approach
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mASF post by "thrillseeker"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, October 10, 2004

So I answered my own question, (see next post) but discovered some new ones in
the process.

I ordered it for $30 through PayPal. I emailed Thundercat asking why it was
taking so long saying I still wanted his free ecourse. It took me a week to
get download instructions after ordering Swinggcat's book, so I figured PayPal
transactions just took a long time to go through. So Thundercat very kindly
emailed the book to me personally. I still haven't gotten download
instructions. (I think it's been a week.)

But the site that Thundercat directed me to was [link removed] , (I guess the
other one was his old site?) where the book is listed as being $40 (fair
enough--that seems to be standard for seduction_ebooks/">seduction ebooks) but you have to be
registered to order--which I believe you have to pay for. ?!?!?!?!?! Wait a
minute... You have to pay to join his site before you can pay to get his

Aside from that, my experience of Thundercat & his ebook has been wholly
positive. So here's what I thought of the book.

It discusses approaching, the BL involved, etc. It then discusses 12 different
types of openers, gives examples of each, and explains their structure.
Finally, he proposes a boot-camp program for overcoming approach anxiety.

The book includes nothing really mind-blowing; nothing you couldn't piece
together from other sources if you were determined. But I found it to be very
helpful. The best part was how he explained the structure of openers. It
helped me to understand what openers are and how they work, and that has helped
me to make up my own. Which was a big help--I reject every opener I find
because they usually seem dumb and I think I wouldn't feel congruent using

His boot-camp suggestion is nothing new, but I like the way it's structured.
He works w/ the magic number three, suggesting you aim for at least 6 openers
per field day--3 practice and 3 "for real". It's kind of a mind-trick you play
on yourself, calling certain openers "practice" when you're doing the same
thing either way. In reality, they're ALL both real and for practice. But you
really do need to warm up. It's a snow-ball effect--the first ones are
invariably rocky, but once you've popped your approach cherry it's easy as pie.
(Man, four cliche metaphors in one sentence. I'm impressed.)

So I did this last Saturday in a scenic HB-rich territory and had a blast,
exceeding my target #. If I have approach anxiety in the future, I know now
exactly how to cure it. A big problem I had in the past was not knowing what
to do. Now I know what do, or if I don't, I know how to figure it out.

So my verdict: If approaching women is already a walk in the park for you,
then this book will be useless to you. But it wasn't written for you. It
succeeded admirably in achieving its stated goals and was well worth the $30 I
paid for it. If having to approach a woman you don't know in public scares the
shit out of you, or you just don't know how to go about it, I recommend getting
this book before you get anything else. You can't attract women if you don't
talk to them.

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