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Re: A Review of Doc Love's System

mASF post by Odious

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Re: A Review of Doc Love's System
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mASF post by "Odious"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, October 10, 2002

Tony Jones wrote:
> "TheManWhoKnewTooLittle" <duh***h@du***.com[ ? ]> wrote in message news:<%uZn9.1001$692***1@ne***.net[ ? ]>...
> > Tony Jones <knm***a@ms***.com[ ? ]> wrote in message
> > news:33b***a@po***.com[ ? ]...
> > > qaz***y@ya***.com[ ? ] (Jamie) wrote in message
> > news:<564***e@po***.com[ ? ]>...
> > > > I just bought the program this week. Is it worth $100? Well, it
> > > > depends on how hard $100 is for you to come by.
> > > >
> > >
> > > i have experience of studying Doc Love's columns and advice. Even
> > > though he has some good points every once in a while, his system is
> > > lacking and in lot of aspects pretty much garbage. The product
> > > knowledge does give you a strong boost of confidence i'll agree with
> > > that a 100%.but if your a guy wanted to get laid don't give his system
> > > a second look, unless your very good looking have money and social
> > > status.its really all about creating long-term relationships.his
> > > system doesn't show you how at all to create an attraction its either
> > > their or not. so if she's not attracted to you and you can't create an
> > > attraction a women will not give you a second look even if you use his
> > > methods.its all centered around the dating frame as well, so your
> > > playin a huge gamble following his advice. but trust me following his
> > > advice will get you know where if your the average man. but he does
> > > have some strong basic attitudes that are right on the money.
> >
> > Tony as a vocifierous critic of Ross Jeffries, which seduction sites, books
> > or gurus do you rate as the best then?
> F.J Shark "How to be the Jerk that women love" the book. It shows very
> strong behavioral attitudes of how to handle women and what they truly
> want.Women are looking for men that are truly strong(they don't want a
> pussy ass man aka Wuss Jeffries, aka Odiot).they want a man that can
> put their foot down and challenge have gotten to soft and
> wimpy like ross jeffries spewing that poetic garbage is just going to
> get you laughed at or not taken seriously(treated like a soft pussy).

Ever heard the phrase a silk glove over an iron fist?

Do you understand there is a difference between being strong and being an
obnoxious jackass? A real man who is truly strong has no need to strut
and boast to try and prove how tough he is. That behavior is
demonstrated by insecure guys who know they are fronting and are trying
to compensate for their doubt and fear.

And women see right through that crap, Tony.

> if your strong enough as in being a real man to women, in respect
> aspects an attraction can be made.because your not like all the other
> chumps your something new and exciting in her don't get me
> wrong wuss covers this but he totally fucks it up by the patterning.

Yet you've shown that you have little or no functional understanding of
how patterning or SS in general works.

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