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Re: ]Brain research = Chick Logic insight!

mASF post by Formhandle

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Re: ]Brain research = Chick Logic insight!
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mASF post by "Formhandle"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, December 12, 2000

Maniac, thanks for bringint this topic up. This makes VERY good sense
to me and explains why for the past few years while I've been away from
art, my woman skills deteriorated and now I have to "work" at it (which
I don't like, I'd rather it all be natural). I think in the past I
recommended a couple of non-seduction specific books which not only
provide a means to learn how to draw or appreciate art but also to get
into states where you can "awaken" the right brain.

"Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Dr. Betty Edwards
"Drawing on the Artist Within" also by Dr. Betty Edwards

For example, one excercise in learning how to draw from life is to look
at the inverse silhouette (negative space) of an object. A vase with
flowers, for example. Instead of looking at the vase and the flowers
and drawing *THAT* on your sketch pad, look at the inverse silhouetted
shapes (the open air) between those things. Look at the various shapes
and curves created in the negative space and their distance
relationships to each other. After a little while, once you are in the
"right brain" zone, you will stop seeing a vase with flowers and instead
see all the interesting shapes and lines and colors that make up the
visual image in front of you.

In fact, that's what I think a bunch of guys here should try and report
back on. I'm REALLY curious how well people can understand this
concept. Here's the excercise (should only take 10-20 minutes):

Get a sketch pad or a couple sheets of blank paper, a pencil (or pen),
and an eraser (if you feel the need). Then, get some kind of object
like I described above, the more interesting the object, the better.
Inanimate object is best (don't try to draw your cat). Sit the object
about 8-12 feet in front of you.

-- On the first piece of paper, just try to draw the object the way you
normally would. Spend about 5-10 minutes on it until you feel "done" or
you become too frustrated to get it right. Don't draw a cartoon of the
object, or what you THINK it looks like, try to reproduce it exactly.

-- On the second piece of paper, again, draw the object but THIS time,
look at the NEGATIVE space. This might be a bit tough at first but
imagine a photo negative and try to SEE the shapes making up the space
in between the components of the object, their relationship to each
other, the distances from each other. Use your thumb stretch out in
front of you as a reference to the size relationships of those shapes.
Also look at the negative space AROUND the object. Pay attention to how
those lines and curves form around the other shapes. Don't worry about
getting the drawing "right" or "wrong" simply reporduce those things you
see. Spend 5-10 minutes on it. More if you find yourself having fun.

When you're done, compare the 2 images you'sve drawn and notice the
difference. Notice that the one that will please you the most will be
the second drawing. Why? Because you relieved your left brain (which
is the logical, mathematical side) from the burden of having to
accomplish a right-brain (visual, spacial) task. Also, as you look at
those 2 images, try to imagine the differnt states you were in. I bet
you'll be able to describe the first state better than the second but
you'll instictually know that the second state FELT better.

I know this about those states for a fact because that's the kind of
state I get into when immersed in doing artwork. That is the state
Maniac is describing and it is making me think that there night be some
excercises that can be acnhored mentally in order to bubble up this
state on-the-fly.

man***h@ya***.com[ ? ] wrote:

> ]Brain research = Chick Logic insight!
> 001227
> I happened to be looking around the web, and found something regarding
> left/right brain specialization and experiments that has interesting
> applications to PU, and in particular, chick logic.
> First I summarize this, and then relate it to PU below. Basically,
> there is an operation for epileptics where you can cut the connection
> between their left and right brains in their heads. This makes those
> people's seizures less worse.
> They found that when they do this though, that the left side of the
> brain,
> and right side, now function as very independent, very seperate units,
> each with their own thoughts, opinions, consciousness..etc.
> They found that the left side deals with speech, logic, math,
> reasoning,
> ego. They found that the right side deals with abstract, emotion, art,
> kino, dreaming and imagination, and often had a lower self esteem.
> For details, see this website:
> Specialization.html
> Now, the interesting thing is that they also found that the right side
> could not deal with language really, and thus all communications to
> the 'outside' was done via the connection to the left brain, and then
> to outside (generally speaking). They found this, because after the
> two sides were seperated from each other via the surgery, and the
> right side 'learned' to understand english again, by using earphones,
> and giving questions to each ear, with reply written by the pen on the
> same side, that each 'brain' had very different desires, opinions,
> self feelings, as if there were really 'two people' inside.
> So, how does this apply to PU? Well, firstly, it explains why NLP,
> or story telling or pattern language work even though it 'makes no
> sense'
> when listened to logically. Because the brain normally communicates
> to the outside (speaking, listening) via the left brain, and then all
> the 'emotional' stuff, gets passed to the right brain for processing.
> It is the 'right brain' you want to reach, to lay a chick. That is
> where all those emotional and racy feelings work. If you are logical,
> then your information/chatter will only get as far as the left brain,
> and never make it to the right, where you need to go to lead the chick.
> That is why you need stories, NLP..etc, to drive the imagination, and
> activate the right side, and get IT making the decisions rather than
> the
> left side.
> Finally, this also raises an interesting explanation for the phenomenon
> known as 'chick logic'. Understanding the above, chick logic now makes
> perfect sense (ie. chick is saying 'no sex tonight' with her mouth
> while lunging her body at you. This is where the left brain (words)
> and right brain (body action) are at total odds at each other, and each
> is doing the opposite.. because there are really two people inside
> there!
> It also explains why you want to look at what the body (right brain)
> is saying and not what the words are saying. Because it is the right
> brain that will decide that she wants to fuck you (unless she is doing
> it for golddigging or something, in which it will be the left side,
> but then it is likely to be a lousy fuck unless you get the right side
> going), and it is the right side controlling the non-verbal action.
> It also explains about about myself regarding moods & PU. If I am only
> thinking with my left side, I will suck at PU that day, but if I do
> something to 'wake up' the right side, the 'atmosphere' and everything
> just goes much more smoothly..
> No idea if any of this is even remotely correct or not, but it does
> seem to make sense, at least to me.
> Comments/opinions welcome!
> Maniac High

jay <[email protected]>

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