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Re: Chick calls off a get together, did I handle her bullshit right?

mASF post by Big Bear

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Re: Chick calls off a get together, did I handle her bullshit right?
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mASF post by "Big Bear"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, November 11, 2000

san***n@my***.com[ ? ] wrote:
> In article <>,
> ave***e@ao***.com[ ? ] (AVeryPsychicMale) wrote:
> > >Hi there!

> Hey
> I am going through a simular situation with this girl I just met. I
> have no clue as to what to think about it but if I really wanted her, I
> guess I would care. Because I have other girls around that I like
> better that I want, this one just isn't that interesting. Pay no
> attention to attention to her, she doesn't know what she wants. She
> does want to make the guy she's in love with jealous so that's why she
> agreed to get together with you. She's fucked up cause the other guy
> doesn't want her anyway so she wants him even more. I don't know chicks
> are a piece of shit. I hate them but I love them at the same time. I
> would never eat out a chick like this...her pussy tastes like some
> guy's sperm and it ain't mine
> She has a rotten crotch
> >
> Sent via
> Before you buy.

** Well you never know with all that bitch bullshit... 'in love' with
another guy while they might be not, say they're in love with you when
they might be not, claim they have a BF or don't have one... you almost
have to be a psychic to know what's exactly going on. I think the chick
I posted about is just insecure and doens't know what she wants; I have
doubts that "this other guy" is really there, but I might be wrong... is
it important?... I guess my game just wasn't tight enough, my game WILL
be tighter on my next chicks...
And how do you know about BFs when eating out a new chick?... you better
put a condom on your tongue before you start eating her out... yuk!! >:p

Regards, Big Bear

P.S. I saw in your reply that AVeryPsychoticMale (and killfiled by me)
had some comments. To him:
Me being a Loser? That's true sometimes. When I play my little games out
there in real life I sometimes win and sometimes loose. But when I loose
a game, I will always reflect on how I played and learn from that so I
won't make the same mistakes again, and that attitude makes me a WINNER.
And being a real winner is so much different from being a whiny cry baby
- like you - writing Seduction-Fiction books and spamming newsgroups
from the dungeon under mommy's home...
Bye bye raytarded troll!

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