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Re: Where can free online seduction books be found?

mASF post by MrSex4uNYC

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Re: Where can free online seduction books be found?
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mASF post by "MrSex4uNYC"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, September 9, 2000

>I'm' just looking for an answer to the question in the subject line.
>BTW I've seen some contoversy between SSers & the Seduction Library. Are
>the Seduction Library books worth the try?

look for Nathan's signature. I think he lists and» and a couple of others.

the seduction library books are ONLY useful for a certain TYPE of guy. if you
are an AFC, then you will find the concepts hard to swallow. you may not be
willing to REJECT a bitch for disrespecting you, REGARDLESS of how fine she is.
granted, some of the ideas are very basic... but some of them are HARDCORE. I
would suggest that if you decide to read the seduction library, consider trying
it again AFTER you digest the basic SS-type knowledge, because without a
certain knowledge of how to handle bitches in GENERAL, you might not understand
how to sucessfully use the materials.

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