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Re: Another SS LOSER Learns The Hard Way (was: I was wrong)

mASF post by Emotional

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Re: Another SS LOSER Learns The Hard Way (was: I was wrong)
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mASF post by "Emotional"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, April 4, 2000

Hello Ray,

you never worked at a company, did you? If you did, you knew that the boss
is certainly the only person in a company absolutely out of the game.

Why? Because he'd loose all respect real soon. And boy, he badly needs it or
all falls down around him.

Yours, PE

The Seduction Library <[email protected]> wrote in
>Some Idiot Writes:
>Several months ago I came in here all high and mighty saying that work
>was a great place to practice SS. I felt that was true for me especially
>since I work at a large company. Well, after the second close call in
>three weeks, my opinion has changed. If you are going to do this at
>work, don't say anything on email that you wouldn't want
>someone to throw back in your face! Neither girl tried to get me busted,
>but the threat was there. But I learned several valuable lessons:
>1. If you are going to SS at work, don't use email EVER!!
><------Yeah, what you're doing might actually become known.
>2. Social proof can turn into bitchy jealousy at a moment's notice.
>3. When you need to eject at work, eject. End of story. Don't return
>to the scene of the crime.
><---------Better yet, don't be such a LOSER that you have to hit on
>office bimbos that the boss wants. Too bad my books cover this in DETAIL
>Just for the record, both girls were showing major interest until I
>started spending time with the new hot blond marketing babe.
><--------You mean OFFICE WHORE? Don't you know that the bosses pay good
>money for those women and.....well.......
>Then suddenly they were both offended. Coincidence? You make the call.
>Anyway, I was wrong to make a blanket statement like this to all of you
>and have learned my lesson. This time I will wait until HB marketing
>babe unzips my pants before making a move:')
><-------She won't.
><Now I'm REALLY motivated to take my game to the streets!!>
><---------So you don't mind when these "babes" get higher incomes than
>other applicants for doing very little? Women like this are not ethical.
> Women who work for large corporations, by and large, are not ethical.
>Strippers have more ethics than the typical office whore. What this
>means for you as an SSer is that you can almost COUNT on something going
>wrong long-term. Also, a man hitting on women at work is the classic
>loser who is trying to circumvent the rejection process. Be a man and
>stop hitting on captive audiences.
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