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Re: Still Think A Pivot Is A "Safety Date" Ross And Odious?

mASF post by Emotional

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Re: Still Think A Pivot Is A "Safety Date" Ross And Odious?
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mASF post by "Emotional"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, April 4, 2000


you are my hero. :-)

Only that I learned this lesson from others a long time ago by obersation of
what people really do. Anybody can see that some people do this and have

If SSers opposed it, they were wrong.

But actually my first thought was exactly like "safety date", since when do
SSers have dates? I would assume an PUA to just call another number he
picked up when he finds himself not working out with a woman. In my mind
these people have long backlogs of numbers. :-))

Yours, PureEmotional

The_Seduction Library <[email protected]> wrote in
>When I began touting the use of pivots, the concept was dismissed by
>SSers as a sign of stupidity and cowardice. The term "safety date" was
>used. The implication was that a man who had to rely on them was not
>being aggressive enough and wasting his time.
>In the year or so since, the group has universally embraced the "Friendly
>Fox" concept, some even using it as the starting point, per my
>recommendation in Foxes.
>Not only is this an ORIGINAL concept of mine (beyond simple social proof
>because it's an ACTIVE use of it), but it is something that was OPPOSED
>initially by SSers, who now seem not to comment on it. It's amsuing how
>I'll see people who trash me but don't mind using things I have created
>and/or popularized. The same holds true for the Returning Fox theory.
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