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Re: NLP Seduces YOU, Not HER

mASF post by TheSherpa

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Re: NLP Seduces YOU, Not HER
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mASF post by "TheSherpa"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, April 4, 2000

In article
<[email protected].com>,
The_Seduction Library <[email protected]>

> <-------Excuse me? I put my CAREER first, yet STILL manage to get
> QUITE busy because I've blended work and Foxhunting. How did the > >
> words you are talking OUT of your ass get INTO your ass?

Oh, I imagine he has reads some of your books Ray....after all, here you
are claiming to put your career first, but your website is *still*
broken. It's been weeks Ray, why have you not fixed it yet? Did you
forget the password? Or is the 6 year old who does your HTML grounded
for trying to pick up gymnasts?

> The Seduction Library
> Books to seduce women

On a site that sickens.....


Is BROKEN! Ohhh, yucky poorly written, click a link and the all the
frames load within another frame, etc.... and you expect anyone to take
your seriously?

Ray, your sight defame you more than anyone here ever could. Time to
call your lawyer!

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Ray the Great speaks his truth

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