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A Simple Theory about the Future of Seduction

mASF post by ALFAHOT1

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A Simple Theory about the Future of Seduction
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mASF post by "ALFAHOT1"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, October 10, 1998

I was just sitting here tonight, bullshitting and reading through the posts of
alt.seduction and alt.romance when something occurred to me for some
reason. There is a certain "war of the sexes" going on these days. Let me
see if I can articulate and make this clear. Men are reading books and
studying systems on how to seduce women and to put it quite bluntly, how
to get laid. Women are reading books on how to control and manipulate men
or to keep from being seduced by men who are good at seducing, or to keep
from putting out for as long as possible while getting what THEY want.

In other words, it seems to come down to a lot of measures and
counter-measures and counter-counter-measures, etc, etc. A lot like
war in a way isn't it? Well shit, now I seem to have lost the point I was
driving at. Well anyway, Men have all the weapons of Speed Seduction
and books on how to be the Jerk that gets women, and women have books
like "The Rules" and cosmopolitan to help them along.

So what the hell is this all really coming down to? I know that women have
for years been studying the art of seduction and have always had their circle
inner friends to talk with. Men are just now starting to wake up and pull their
head out of their asses and realize that they better start studying these
if they even hope to put themselves on an equal playing field with women.

But does it not seem like sooner or later all these seduction measures and
counter-measures will be seen for what they really are and eventually
become useless, at least in a sense? Or at least its' efficacy reduced to bare
minimum? As an example, since "The Rules" was published, doesn't that sort of
blow the game plan for women? Since all men will be reading it. Likewise with
men, anything that could be
potentially very useful, being published, doesn't it eventually lose most of
its' effectiveness? Or am I just paranoid and reading something into it that
isn't there?


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