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A brief thought about projections

mASF post by Rocckkstar

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A brief thought about projections
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mASF post by "Rocckkstar"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, September 9, 2004

There are two good internal frames that work well with seducing women:

#1.) THE PROMISING LEARNER: "I am not afraid to try anything. I will
approach nearly any attractive woman with whom I cross paths. I enjoy
learning, I'm getting better at this stuff all the time, and fuck, it's pretty
fun too, especially when you start getting results!"

#2.) THE EXPERIENCED SEDUCTION ARTIST: Also usually includes #1, but in
addition, "I am the MAN. As a really cool fun guy, I enjoy the constant
expansion of my social circle and one of the most varied and incredible sexual
lives of anyone not on Hollywood's celebrity A-list."

Unfortunately, the most common frame around the mASF woods tends to be that
which I mentioned in a recent post ("Life IS Fair"), an internal view often
held by a guy with high intelligence but a pessimistic world-view.

The GOOD thing in all this is that once you get on top, you've already DEALT
with the haters, brushed that dirt off your shoulder, pushed on, gotten a
little more shit, got stronger, etc. until you nearly peak out at your best.
At some point, at least for me, I started getting little to no bullshit from
people because they went from a mostly confrontational challenge of me as a
kickass guy to a view of, "Damn, this dude's pretty cool. Guys probably think
he's the shit, and as far as women, well... no doubt he rarely sleeps alone."

A lot of guys here think they're the shit, and they're not, but that's fine,
because hopefully they're in the transition between frames #1 and #2.
Generally, these AREN'T the guys hating on other ASFers though. The guys
hating never get out of that pessimistic world-view, the negative paradigms
shared by MANY guys of our type (smart, tech-savvy, etc.). After all, Internet
self-help type joints like mASF tend to attract certain kinds of people
(Paradiso and I talked at length about this recently).

As an aside, the biggest issue I have isn't with haters, cause that's just
natural and it happens everywhere. The only beef I have are with guys who talk
a lot, are selling a product as a "seduction GURU", but don't offer any
concrete facts, evidence, or whatever you wanna call it of their success with
women. But maybe that's just because I'm better than 90%+ of the seduction
"professionals" out there... or maybe I'm just hatin'! ;-)

.-~ Rocckkstar ~-.

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