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Re: To all Keyboard Jockeys:

mASF post by hotlab

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Re: To all Keyboard Jockeys:
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mASF post by "hotlab"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2004

On Thu, 08 Jul 2004 14:27:00 -0400, Harmless wrote:

>On 7/8/04 1:52:00 PM, hotlab wrote:
>>If it applies to me or not is pretty
>>much pointless. I don't know if it
>>applies to you either. I don't read much
>>FRs and can't judge what's made up or
>>not. I usually judge posts by their
>Judging by content is a good idea, but I know a few guys who have no ability
>with women but post respectable stuff by rehashing other people's ideas.

Tell me someone who isn't rehashing other people's ideas. After all
getting laid isn't exactly a new idea.

>The ultimate litmus test is whether or not the poster is getting LAID. And the
>only way for us to know is through LRs.
>People who are not getting laid simply can't give advice on how to get laid.
>It's very simple. As an analogy, if you've never played tennis, I don't want
>take tennis lessons from you.

Firstly this is a bad presupposition as I'm getting laid, secondly it
is a bad analogy because you assume that anybody who's getting laid
can give good advice. Simply not true. Almost everybody gets laid and
doesn't have a clue why. I play tennis and could tell you some BS
about it, but doubt that you will get it. Anyway I would have a good
time bragging about my capabilities.

>>>It could be argued that you have no
>>>place at FAST SEDUCTION.COM» since you
>>>are not, in fact, interested in fast
>>From the charter:
>>"The topic of this board is the
>>discussion of pick-up and seduction
>>techniques and ideas."
>Uh... from Jay's mouth, it IS about getting laid fast. And besides, LOOK AT

Why shall I look at the domain instead of the charter? The charter
pretty good describes what is being discussed on this board.

>Ok, fine. Me neither. But if you DON'T get laid fast, whether it is because
>can't or because you don't want to, don't post advice to people who DO want to
>get laid fast, meaning the people who post at **FAST**».

I neither said that I don't want to get laid fast nor that I don't get
laid fast: I said that I take the opportunity if I like to, but that
I'm not desperately looking for it.

I post advice where I think my advice is appropriate and don't give a
shit what you or anybody else (except maybe Jay) think about that.
Fuck that.

>You cited a respected book. That's the problem. You're quoting from some book
>written by a guy who may or may not be getting laid. I've READ AoS. Many
>I don't need you to help me read it again by reposting information from it.

Then why are you flaming instead of discussing where you disagree with
the boook. And BTW you're not the only one reading on this board. But
you seem to think so, which reminds me of my original impression of a
wanna-be seduction guru who's looking for flatterers.

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