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Re: New to ASF... Greetings

mASF post by Sarge103

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Re: New to ASF... Greetings
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mASF post by "Sarge103"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2003

weary as in tired or bored?

<n3rv1> wrote in message news:[email protected]...
> On 1/30/03 9:33:00 AM, Commander Zap wrote:
> >As to the guru advice, I sure
> >don't get it: if one is not
> >to listen to experienced guys,
> >who is one to consult,
> >inexperienced guys? Or is TFM
> >enough or is that no good
> >either since it was written by
> >gurus? Or is it that one
> >should just do one's own thing
> >and not worry about the
> >learning or advice of others?
> >
> >Zap
> By "guru" I mean someone who makes it their business to inform others
> for a price) on how exactly to get laid. A guru is an acknowledged and
> influential advocate, as of a movement or idea, but in our case of the
> seduction community, they're usually self-appointed and trained. Also,
> marketing has a lot to do with seduction guru status.
> I guess in that sense I am the anti-guru.
> Now if you re-read my post Zap, and analyse my language with all that
> new-fangled NLP technology, you'll notice that I said be "WEARY" of, not
> "COMPLETELY IGNORE" the advice of "gurus." What I'm saying is: sure, what
> say may have some merit, but don't suck it down like it's a fountain of

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