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Re: A Question For Ross Jeffries...

mASF post by GTurney345

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Re: A Question For Ross Jeffries...
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mASF post by "GTurney345"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, December 12, 2002

>Or have a lot of money, status as a "seduction guru" and a pad in LA?
>CUPID cuts in many directions, Ross.
>A guy with your money alone could bag a Miss America contestant, EVEN WITHOUT
>If you're going to attack another guru as getting women because of how he
>looks, it would only be fair to compare your results against the average
>results for a man with the same financial situation as you.

Normaly I feel you're full of shit, but this time you got it right to a T.

Money does speak louder than looks with women.

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