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What women REALLY want. Rant but a must read.

mASF post by gunwitch

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What women REALLY want. Rant but a must read.
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mASF post by "gunwitch"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2002

On 6/3/02 6:06:00 PM, Logan wrote:
>I love Gunwitch posts: fresh
>from the field, as it were.
>Keep it up, dude.


>Gunwitch, where do you live? I
>get the impression, from
>reading previous posts, that
>it's not in a big city.
>Perhaps the girls where you
>are think differently? Do you
>have many model-class 9s or
>10s where you live?

I live on te I-5 between medford, springfield,eugene oregon. Theres some 9-10s
lurkng around here and there. Ive gotten a few 10s IMO anyway, one looked like
Liv Tyler once if that gives you any idea another looked like that baywatch
chik thats on sheena now. Thts was when i was fat and using NLP admittedly. I
bagged one 10 doing GM as well, I havent really run across a 10 per se since
starting this caveman shit but i did geta 8.5-9 chik, looked kinda like that
brunette on the practice. Theyregood id say, maybe not LA quality but they can
keep the fuckin stuck up cunts. From what ive heard you cant get a cup a soup n
that town unless you are rich or a male model.

>My own take on this:
>This stuff will work for the
>"freaks": girls who are mainly
>looking for satisfaction
>through new sexual
>experiences. It will not work,
>I think, for "good girls":
>girls looking for connection
>or love before they have sex.
>It's with the latter you need
>to use SS and ASF style

Ive found 6-8s seem to be tose high maitnence want love shitheads more so than
the 9-10s. The 9-10s TRY to look that hot for a reason, they wanta fuck ALOT
more than girls who just have it naturally.

>We all need to pay more
>attention to the type of girl
>we are sarging.Comments?

I think the pathways are all the same with every chik, make feel like they
love ya/ are connected to ya or they can get a good fuck from you and theyll
hop in the sack. This seems to be WAAAAAAAY faster and easier than the romantic
route though. Maybe these chks wouldnt be good for LTR but hell what chik is.
Im sure the boyfriend of the girl i fucked thursday romancd her into the sack,
then i come along and bang herin 2 hours acting like a dildo attached to a
body. MY LTRS are with sluts who like to fuck plain and simple, who wants to
smell some bitches shit after she flushes the toilet. Or watch her stuff her
face and such. I like the company of men and the sex of a woman.

>On 6/3/02 3:40:00 PM, gunwitch wrote:
>>Women when asked "whats SEXY
>>in a man"? 9 of ten times say
>>Lets look at this. What do
>>they mean? Why is "confidence"
>>so SEXY?
>>Cause they wanna fuck RIGHT
>>KNOW that they want a guy to
>>come up and take em hard and
>>fast they just cant come out
>>and say it without looking
>>like a whore.
>>BTW when they say they "LIKE a
>>guy with a sense of humor"
>>they arent saying THAT guy is
>>SEXY they are saying they LIKE
>>that guy. THESE women are
>>REALLY trying to cover up
>>thier desires.
>>Get this same chik alone after
>>not "making a funny" in her
>>presence ONCE but instead
>>rubbing her legs and thighs
>>every chance you got and youve
>>got a wet vage on your hands.
>>Confidence also shows that you
>>have SOMETHING of value to
>>hher or else oh my god "how
>>could you act like that". I
>>didnt used to be capable of
>>coming on extremely strong
>>UNTIL i got in better shape
>>than almost any guy around and
>>realized "im the fuckin shit"
>>"im better than other guys" "i
>>DESERVE these chiks to wax my
>>My excellent body of course
>>SHOWS her something of value
>>as well, but it aint all that,
>>its just enough for ME to feel
>>good about moving on em like
>>something out of a porn scene.
>>Some of you said this when i
>>was on my "loos are all that
>>count" rants. Which IS true
>>for me or any other guy who
>>needs to look good before
>>getting confident enough to
>>not apologize for being pushy
>>towards sex.
>>Funny thought: You wanna learn
>>good seduction tactics watch
>>pornos. They get em alone,
>>look at em like "yeah im GONNA
>>fuck you" get in close with
>>KINO and EC and say something
>>to the effect of "lets do some
>>fuckin" before they comence to
>>kiss close.
>>Womens definition of
>>confidence isnt acting
>>nonchalant or cool and
>>collected its TRYING TO
>>furious. I am starting to
>>think that women and men
>>operate almost identical given
>>the right circumstance and
>>Approach em as some strange
>>computer that needs some
>>special programming, as the
>>convention of this NG and SS
>>suggests and BOOM she becomes
>>a difficult entity. Approach
>>her like shes a horny
>>desperate guy needing to get
>>laid and youve got her TRUE
>>nature figured out.
>>ANY other strategy is amateur
>>CRAP and is apologetic.
>>I realize that ther is a
>>certain entertainment value of
>>studying seduction and
>>analyzing its complexities,
>>but whats the REAL goal. TO
>>GET LAID ALOT, whenever you
>>want by whoever you want.
>>When RJ ad other seduction
>>gurus started writing thier
>>stuff they thought "hmmmmm if
>>i tell guys women think MUCH
>>differently than they do,
>>theyll believe it when i say
>>guys looks dont count at all"
>>"cause if they DO think like
>>us then LOOKS are ALL that
>>counts and guys know this".
>>Thing is they DO think like us
>>and this is why LOOKS dont
>>count. How many of you if
>>isolated with a chik thats say
>>a 5 looks wise(little fat,
>>kinda ugly face, ok hair or
>>something) whos doing
>>everything she can to get your
>>pants off and suck your cock
>>are gonna say to yourself
>>"WHOA shes not good enough
>>looking?" PLEASE we'd ALL fuck
>>her. Women are the same.
>>Diference is we pump and dump,
>>while women are SOOOO
>>conditioned they try to make
>>any ugly fuck they happen to
>>bang their LTR for fear of
>>being a "slut who has ONS with
>>ugly guys". NOPE at that point
>>you become "special" in some
>>way to her that she will make
>>up for you. Loving, deep,
>>caring, good in bed, funny,
>>intelligent blah blah bla even
>>if you arent.
>>Thing is this is hard to sell
>>and isnt as enthralling or
>>entertaining as doing mental
>>exercises and 12 hour seminar
>>discussions on the subject.
>>Do you wanna get laid? THEN
>>try to fuck em. Simple as
>>that. Dont try to demonstrate
>>value, or convince her or make
>>her imagine it, just get em
>>alone and try to fuck em.
>>We would all be better off
>>trying to find a model or how
>>to isolate women and how to
>>convey extreme sexual interest
>>and aggression than what we do
>>at this point.
>>THIS is what ive learned so
>>far with this strategy
>>I'VE found "im having a
>>barbecue later wanna come back
>>to my place" WHILE im already
>>kinoing and ECing her up close
>>and personal works well at GYM
>>and on street. While "Lets
>>save a little money and have
>>some drinks back at my place"
>>WHILE already KINOing and
>>ECing her up close and maybe
>>already having kiss closed her
>>works at the bar. If not ill
>>NEXT, but havent had to yet.
>>You know youve got a horny
>>pushover on your hands when as
>>you KINO and EC them right up
>>close they look down and smile
>>and giggle alot.
>>About the best opener on
>>street is standard
>>introdutions, sneaking into
>>KINO slowly during short
>>conversation followed by "i
>>like you alot i wanna know you
>>better" with blatat kino and
>>HUNGRY EC. Follwed by attempt
>>to isolate.
>>Sounds scary to some of you im
>>sure but it works. MY friends
>>have all told me i look fuckin
>>NUTTS doin this shit so
>>blatant and fast on the street
>>but its like i tell them
>>"whats she gonna do hit me
>>with her purse or tell store
>>security on me lol"
>>GYM opener is roughly same
>>only with GYM chat instead of
>>"from round here" type of
>>AT the bar i hardly even talk,
>>as talking go me really
>>nowhere most times at the bar
>>TO FUCK FOR SURE. They just
>>never get to caue they got
>>some asshole TALKING to em
>>instead of trying to fuck em.
>>Get em on the dance floor to
>>get KINO and EC going then hit
>>em with the "have some drinks
>>back at my place"

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