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Workout routine for the skinny guy

mASF post by mertz109

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Workout routine for the skinny guy
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mASF post by "mertz109"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, October 10, 2004

Well, I've more or less been a skinny guy for the vast majority of my life.
And I have slept with beautiful women (I've moved up the food-chain
significantly from a year and a half ago.) And most of the moving up was done
*after* I stopped working out and lost the mass.

So, just to set the record straight, I believe and have experienced that a
majority of seduction success comes from your beliefs (about yourself and
women) and your skills in seduction (SS mainly in my case, plus a mix of ideas
from the Boston seduction lair.)

But, hands down, I believe that there are many benefits to getting bigger.
Many of the seduction masters on this forum work out (I know that Ross does,
he's talked about his trainer on occasions AND has also talked about putting
meat on after being unsatisfied with being skinny for most of his life... which
I can relate to and understand.)

Regardless of whether he or any of the others would attribute any significant
portion of their success to beefing up, the record still shows that they do
work out regularly and have put on a good amount of mass.

As for all the other stuff about testosterone attracting females and being
bigger to intimidate other guys (alpha, etc.) - I simply don't know. I have no
interest in debating it here - I *do* know it's not required (being buffed up.)
I'm willing to explore it, I'm tired of being the skinniest of my friends. And
I'll share with you guys my results and experiences.

Thanks for the responses so far. Again, please, if you are knowledgeable in
this area, post a response to my original request.


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