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who would get the girl ?

mASF post by Intime

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who would get the girl ?
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mASF post by "Intime"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2004

Ok since this is the same question as in seduction lair, ill just post the same

I think this is a fairly fun question but you may be off topic here and i can't
be sure if formhandle will let this pass.

Ok there is actually an obvious answer to this question.

Because there are still questions to be asked and many things to be factored

How old is this girl??
Is she a party girl type?
Innocent or slut?
Upper class or middle class?

So no one can really BE SURE which one of them would get her.( since they are
probably all good. Heh her brain might fry from all the attraction and
horniness shes feeling in a 24/7 sarge by all the gurus in the same house.

Ok so this is like a big brother house.

So this is what i think of each of these guru's chances.(dont ask me why, this
is all hypothetical.)

Although i think if there was only one girl and since none of us know how she
is like, anyone of them could possibly be the one to get her. She might even
feel torn between them and that shes attracted to a few.

Tyler Durden- If she was this young crazy badboy loving party girl and they all
had to out-amog each other, i would say TD has the edge.

David Deangelo- If she was a classy almost 30 year old profesional almost
innocent type with ASD, i would say David D has the edge.

Badboy- If she likes direct alpha guys with european accents.

Mystery- The one and only Mystery, i think she would be totally hypnotized by
him even if she is attracted to one of the others. He just seems fascinating to

Swinggcat- Well many believe he is one of the best and i heard he's not bad
looking. Might beat TD in a one on one battle.

Gunwitch- I don't really see him beating all of the others. Not when they are
all after the same thing. No offense to Gunwitch.

Ross Jeffries- He's the oldest of the lot and not particularly good looking,
but experience,NLP, SS & hypnosis and a direct style might see him beating the
rest for some types of girl.

Rick H- Probably the guy to turn her from "girl next door" into a "slut". Maybe
the first one to convince her to get into a threesome too.

Style- Ok someone mentioned him. He is the best PUA because he is supposedly
able to overcome his less than stellar looks. So i guess that puts him on par
with everyone else for a piece of the pie.

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