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need advice... she leaves in 15 hrs!!

mASF post by TylerDurden

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need advice... she leaves in 15 hrs!!
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2004

LOL.. Welcome to the community.

This girl is gone and essentially dead to you now, so its time to welcome the
pain and give yourself props for finding this website. You'll probably be here
for the next 2 years, congratulations. My recommendations: Toecutter archive,
Juggler archive, Mystery's first 50-100 posts from his archive, my archive
starting from the 7th PDF, Maniac's nMP (don't use the rapport seeking openers
and conversational threads, but read everything else he writes about female
psych as it is the best shit), Mrsex4uNYC (don't use his value elicitation
structure as it is crap, but his posts about attitude are among the best ever
written and actually are a huge foundation for the entire scene and are mind
blowing), Gunwitch method (found on the main page, great description of sexual
state projection), badboy (great stuff in cliff's list and thundercat's
seduction lair and has commercial products), swinggcat (same as badboy) ,
in10se (great midgame, and same as badboy and swingcat to find posts as well he
posts here), zan rocks cliff's list, double your dating, ijjji method v1.0 (has
a mix of stuff from lots of guys and his own stuff sort of laid out), and the

There are also some great posters here on this chatboard that you will begin to
recognize and whose threads I often reply on. You will find that the majority
of advice in the community is not field applied, but if you can go out a lot
and get context then you will soon be able to recognize where the sources of
good advice are and follow them. Do not take them dogmatically, but rather
take it as an exercise in thinking about the game. Just the activity of
replying and debating actually forces you to think about the game, and is
useful. Posting field reports is extremely useful also, as it similar to doing
extra math problems at home after class. Writing many posts is very useful to
your game, if you are out every night as well. If not then posting a lot will
have a negative impact on your game. Ignore and downplay fear or interacting
with girls, as that is ridiculous and reading books on how to not FEEL FEAR
will just make you feel more dumb in the field. Remember that your ancesters
fought in brutal bloody wars, and you are just out chatting girls. Learn to
not care about their validation, and you will feel confident.

Go out 7 nights a week for 2 years. If you aren't able, then do as much as you
can. Do not settle on the first girlfriend that you get, as you will
inevitably lose her because the behaviour patterns that you changed are what
will have attracted her, and inevitably you will not be fully congruent and you
will lose several girls before the emotional pain causes you to fully realize
that you must become fully congruent to your new behaviour patterns and ways of
thinking, if you want to avoid losing girl after girl. Find a good wing if
possible. Take an in field workshop eventually if affordable, as most top guys
have done so. Find your local Lair through Cliff's List
( and if there is no Lair then email Cliff to create your
own (I think you wrote that you are in LA, and if so then join the PLAY List
run by my homeboy Papa). To get start off, a good way would be to get a canned
opener so you don't have to waste time thinking about how to start a
conversation (whether an opinion opener, or even if its a direct opener or 'hey
what's up' opener, HAVE AN OPENER and just get into interactions). Have one
great story to stack right after that, and then if affordable, get a digital
camera with which you can record your own interactions with girls and watch
them later to laugh at yourself, and also use it as a routine where you take
pictures with the girls of several dorky and funny and sexy shots, and then
zoom in close up to her face and tease her about it. Put socially proofed
pictures that make you look cool on the camera. By doing so, you'll have
yourself a good way to get into a lot of interactions, without as much pressure
to hold a conversation. With time your brain will adapt and you will become
extremely good at talking. Probably better than anyone you know. You will
begin to see patterns of behaviour in the girls on a very high level, in fact
in such detail that you will wonder how you ever didn't see it before.

Let me make it clear that although you can avoid doing this stuff, and still
get a girlfriend and live a happy life, guys who understand this stuff (most of
them naturals) will consistently mess around with your girlfriend behind your
back and you won't know, unless you do this. Trust me, you have NO IDEA what
goes on, or what this special girl has been up to behind your back. No clue.
Trust me on this, take my word for it - there is no avoiding it. Get in the
game and in two years you will look back and see everything that really went on
between the two of you, and you will really see where you actually stood.


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