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FAQ: Why you would pay for a Workshop

mASF post by PUA2b

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FAQ: Why you would pay for a Workshop
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mASF post by "PUA2b"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, October 10, 2003

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Q: What is a workshop?

A: A workshop is an opportunity for you to learn the game from more advanced

Q: Why should you meet more advanced PUAs?

A: Would you study martial arts from a book and hope to get really good at it?
Would practicing with a bunch of friends of similar ignorance in _total
isolation_ make you really good?

When I studied my particular form of Japanese martial arts, we had a hierarchy
and worldwide network of Sensei. The teachers at my club had teachers, my
teachers had teachers, and their teachers had teachers. At my club, we had the
same teachers week to week. But they would travel often to tournaments and
seminars and bring back what they had learned. Their teachers would come down
every few weeks to teach us directly. And visiting teachers would come by
every few months to stay for a day or even months.

How would you compare this to studying from a book or even at some strip mall
martial arts school where the teacher has an eight degree black belt that he
awarded to himself?

There are many things to be learned that cannot be explained adequately through
words. Techniques are dynamic, especially body language nuances, and need to
be seen and heard in detail to be fully understood and for you to replicate or
adapt; if your reality tunnel, belief system, or worldview is narrow, you might
need to see it done and done right to believe that it can be done; and spirit,
confidence and inspiration is best communicated through breathing example.

I learned A LOT at a recent Workshop (from well-known PUAs, and my fellow
students), and my game received a HUGE boost. I've been sharing that in person
with the bros in the DC Seduction Lair. I'm also trying to reorganize things
so that we meet often and learn from each other.

Q: Why should advanced PUAs want to meet you?

A: What value do you have to offer to them in return? Why would the local
mechanic want to fix your car? Why would the accountant want to do your taxes?
Some of them might meet you out of the goodness out of their hearts, because
you are a good friend of theirs--provide value by other means--or you're peer
PUA with skills and useful feedback, winging and ideas to offer in exchange.
If you fall outside of those categories, and especially if distance is involved
and they have lots other obligations in their lives, money earns you their time
and skills, just as others earn your time and skills with money. That's

Q: What if I can't afford a workshop?

A: A workshop can be expensive with the costs of travel and lodging included.
Time spent running in circles and not progressing is expensive too.

If you absolutely can't afford a workshop, I believe that you can GAIN MUCH
merely by reading and practicing what you find in the archives here. It amazed
me to see how much of XX's game I saw in person comes directly from his posts.

Of course, many people won't believe in the material unless they see it

DC Seduction Lair

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