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Field Report: Maxwell Does Vegas

mASF post by Maxwell Bond

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Field Report: Maxwell Does Vegas
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mASF post by "Maxwell Bond"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, October 10, 2003

Hey Gang -

here is a Field Report in which my game takes a holiday while I am on holiday,
Mike Tyson fights and a Porn Star bites (or is that Vice Versa), Mystery walks,
Style talks, Tyler spits some game and an escort gives me her name, Don Diego
AMOG destroys and a good set I do enjoy... and all in time to go to bed by 5

A Brief Recap:

Day One:

Arrived at the hotel around 11 and after resting for an hour, Don Diego and
myself hit the strip to do some day time sarging. Despite only getting 2.5
hours of sleep, I was ON. Approached many targets and while I had difficulty
getting into sets (the Asian HB's that I was approaching were non-english
speaking), I found ways to open without having to speak. I managed to venue
change one set between two casinos and run the set completely with situational
material... something I had never done before.

Day Two:

I spent the day with a friend who lives in Vegas, so it was a non-sarging day.
However, later that evening, I opened a set with my friend acting as wingman
and ran it for 10 minutes until the boyfriend showed up. I was quite loose and
it was a good set, so we'll count day two as an ON day.

Day Three:

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I only got 4 hours sleep. When I
rejoined Don Diego for some afternoon sarging, I was getting approach anxiety
and was coming off as nervous and rusty in set. wtf!

Spent the afternoon sarging the shopping mall at Caesars Palace. J-Dog joined
us and he was rocking through out the afternoon. He was opening easy, getting
good runs in set and the HB's were showing IOI's.

Don Diego was doing OK and was approaching more than me. He even tried to open
a girl that was at a slot machine to show me that it could be done... and was
promptly shot down. However, I remembered how he approached so that I could
model and adjust it for later use.

Hard Rock Casino:

We got to the Hotel around 8:45. A steady stream of people were already making
their way in... young beautiful bodies all dressed up for display... kids on
vacation, locals out for an all nighter, porn stars on parade, gamblers in for
the eye candy.

I walked with Don Diego to the Hard Rock Cafe where the Seminar part took
place. Tyler was there already as were the students. All of the students (with
the exception of one who took the Juggler workshop with me) were from the SF
Seduction Lair. I knew everyone in the room, so I walked in and said hi.

I talked a bit with Tyler before Mystery came in... and even though I already
knew how Mystery has been peacocking, he still caught me off guard. He has a
presence that veers toward the uncanny (although it's difficult to measure how
much of the effect would be there without the peacocking garb... I would say a
great deal of it since he has been doing this long enough to be congruent with
how he presents himself... the clothes are just decoration if you can't back it
up once you begin to speak).

Tyler vouched for me and so I got to sit in on the lecture. Mystery went over
some magic stuff and rune casting. Before I took Tylers workshop, I studied and
even field tested some magic tricks in an attempt to model Mysterys game. Once
I took Tylers workshop, I dropped it in an effort to internalize the new
teachings. Seeing Mystery do it IRL showed me that while they do have their
place, the trick to tricks is in making them congruent with the person doing

What else about Mystery?

He projected his voice very well, was animated in what he said... he was able
to make points about human thought patterns interesting enough to captivate a
whole group of people to the point where they were completely in his reality
based solely on his verbal game.

Porn Actress Cold Read:

During the lecture, Style arrived and informed us that he had arranged a Porn
Actress to come and give us advice on our appearance. After an hour, she
arrived and sat at the far end of the table. After being introduced, she looked
us over and said, "they all look good" (everyone was peacocked to some degree).
She made a comment that shoes were important because they are a measure of how
together a guys life is... if the shoes are in bad order, it's a good chance
that the guy doesn't have his shit together.

She began to measure up each of the guys. She told Don Diego that he needed to
hold better eye contact. Interesting, since this is something I would never
catch as his wing, since I am too busy occupying the target to notice (not that
I am going to be staring into his eyes anyway!).

When she got to me, I was anxious over what she might say. Again, my state was
for crap the whole day... and she picked up on it.

"He's shy," she said.

Very true. Every time I go out, I am working against being an introvert.

"Yes," I said.

"He's scared," she said.

Very true... more about leaving a good impression with Mystery, since I have
learned so much from reading his archive and I was nervous from meeting him for
the first time.


She stared at me... so I looked into her eyes until she broke eye contact.

Then she moved on to the next guy and finished giving her impressions of the

Mystery Takes a Stroll:

After the lecture was finished and the food tab had been paid, Mystery led his
students from the cafe to the bar. The bar was located in the center of the
hotel, a circle in the round for the PU of the evening... the stage for the
magician to work his magic, the Thunder Dome for his students to emerge from
victorious or in some form of ignominy.

As he walked, I observed the reactions of people around us. It was like
Superman flying by... everyone dropped what they were doing to stare as he
walked past. People stopped playing slots, or walked into the person in front
of them... because the person in front of them had stopped just to see Mystery
walk by.

He walked onto the Casino floor and ran into a 6 set of Indian girls out for
the night. One of them had a mixed drink with a cocktail stirrer in it. He gave
a speech about energy and then waved his hand around the drink. The stick
slightly moved and then rotated around the glass... and then it jumped out of
the cup and onto the casino floor.

Even the Black Jack dealer had stopped his game to watch.

Mystery strolled past the set and into the bar area. He worked the area for the
next few hours. Even from across the Casino floor, he could be seen towering
over everyone else... a Goliath walking amidst the strippers, gamblers, sinners
and men.

So, dear student, you have your 3 openers, some attitude and a little bit of
experience. Are you ready to take on the natural PUA's, the prostitutes, your
own fear, the off chance of your girl being stripped by any one of the
trainers... are you ready to be David to the Giant Magician and his cornucopia
of funny lines, colorful stories, smoke and mirrors, pixie dust and a goofy

Maxwell Goes In:

There comes a time when the only thing to do is to just do it.

There comes a place where the only way to go is forward.

Taken together, a man must act.

So I did.

Maxwell Has a Set, and then...:

Don Diego and myself began to circle round the bar like a kid playing with a
Rubiks Cube for the first time.

Beneath the people getting drunk and girls looking for attention and people
playing with their money for fortune or playing with their hearts for love, was
a code that ran in a direct way to those that could see it.

People ran round and round and they chased after money or whiskey or cheap
sex... and beneath it all was a code that ran in a direct way to those that
could see it.

Don Diego ran set after set and I watched and wondered about the why and what
for... and beneath it all was a code that ran in a direct way to those that
could see it.

I opened a 3 set with Eminem and 2 of 3 opened.

"Eminem is hot, I'd fuck him," said girl 1.

"Eminem isn't, but Fifty Cent is... I'd fuck him," said girl 2.

Girl 3 remained silent.

"Who would you fuck," I asked to girl 3.

She rolled her eyes and said, "Let's go now."

She pulled away her friends to chase after attention from someone else and I
stood there... and beneath it all was a code that ran in a direct way to those
that could see it.

Don Diego Has A Field Day:

The Don had a killer night before killing an AMOG set. A stroll around the
casino with 4 pawns under his arms and a set with Style as wing... and then the
Mike Tyson AMOG's.

Two guys chatting up two girls... a brief huddle. A plan was devised. Go in
with Mike Tyson, go into Porn Star Routine and then blow them out.

The Don rolled in with "Guess who I saw today?"

AMOGS: Who cares.

Don: Yeah, that's right... Mike Tyson. He was in my hotel lobby.

AMOGS: No way! We were just telling them that we had seen him.

Don: Yep, that's right! Mike Tyson... and guess who I had dinner with.


Don: A Porn Star.

AMOGS: You had dinner with her? No way!

Don: Yep! Just finished hanging out with her. So how do you guys all know each

AMOGS (in a confidential tone): We're trying to get with these two girls.

Don: Dude! Sloppy seconds!

AMOGS (look confused... step back to huddle).

Don (blocks off the AMOGS): Hey guys, I need your opinion on something...

The AMOGS stand around for a minute while The Don gamed the 2 set and then they
wandered off.

AMOG's Destroyed!

I watch for a minute myself and then wander off, in search of a good set to put
me back into the groove.

Maxwell Circles and Circles:

One lap around the bar... one set not approached.

One lap around the tables... no sets to approach.

One lap around the slot machines... one set not approached.

A short walk into the shops. One two set not approached.

Back to the bar... and then the tables... and then the slots.

Inner circle for drinks, middle circle for cards, outer circle for coins.

Around and around goes the chase... and beneath it all is a code, but Maxwell
is out of luck for the night, that lady is a whore and has left the building
with the ghost of Elvis and Frank... all that is left is the towering Mage and
his minions.

So we circle again and again, waiting for the ball to fall and the numbers to
pay off.

A Short Sit Down with Style:

A brief crash and burn at the slots with the target walking off left me staring
at the still machine. Style came by and sat down where the HB had been... an
interesting exchange of Beauty for Utility.

"I'm having an off-off-night," I said. "It's weird. I tend to streak. When I
got here, my game was good the first two days. Now, today, I couldn't sarge to
save my life. I guess, once you get to your level, you probably don't have to
worry about off nights."

"No. I get them too," he said. "I think that one thing you can do is work on
putting your energy out. My guess is that you're more of an introvert, so focus
on projecting your energy out when you are communicating."

He sat there, and we spoke for a bit more. The slot machine sat still, it's arm
unmoved while we moved the discussion around matters of love and the heart.
After a bit, he stood up.

"Would you like to do a set?"

"I'm not in the Workshop... I don't want to take time from the students. Thanks

He nodded and headed back towards the bar where the action was. I sat at the
machine and studied the Casino.

Mary J. :

The Don, hot with the Game, began to pimp out the playing field for me. One eye
for the left side of the bar, one eye for the right. A hot eye for the cool
HB's and he spotted a lone wolf sitting in a chair, waiting for the next
available man to take his chance.

"She might be a lady of the night" he said, pointing her out for me.

Sitting on her own, this lady had a style not her own... she was the spitting
image of Mary J. Blige... including a Kango hat hiding her bangs and maybe some
other secrets.

Up I rolled and started to spit game... and the game took. She was my own Mary
with the 411 on Eminem. She was a Mary quite contrary on this Family Affair and
my Niece's birthday gift. We were just two people having a conversation in the
wee small hours on the floor of a Las Vegas Casino. She was missing her friends
back in Saint Louis, and I was a far, far way from home. In the early morning
hours, we wanted something in our lives. No More Drama, Mary, and I looked into
her eyes. I said a "Hail Mary" and wondered what would happen from all of this.

Where do we take it from here?

She wanted to be a teacher... but was doing something else. I held my hand out
and gave her my name... and she gave me hers.

"You do know what I do," she asked.

"No. What?"

"I'm an escort."

"I didn't know that."

A man stood nearby and Mary began to talk to him... and I became P. Diddy
looking for his Mary, gone Mary. I took a step back and begin looking for the
next girl to fill up the ever dwindling hours of hope.

Last Chance:

We were ready to leave when I spied a Lone Wolf at the arm of a slot machine.

"It's 5AM. Go home and stop losing all your money," I said.

She looked at me and laughed.

J- Dog and The Don were on the floor of the Casino, making sure that there
weren't any last sets to hit up. I sat down next to the HB.

"I'm bored. My friends are taking forever, so what can you tell me while I wait
for them."

She smiled and said, "I'm down to 5 dollars on this machine."

"Oh. So you're bad luck to be around."

She laughed, and our conversation began in earnest. No game, just talk. No
routines, just details about ourselves. I would tease and she would laugh or
run her hand through her hair. When the conversation takes, it proceeds on its
own, regardless of being on or off.

My HB moved here from Hawaii... my sister used to live there. Pure rapport

Then the killer.

"Yeah, I moved out here with my husband and 2 kids."

Where to take it from here?

IOI's shooting out the entire time, venue change or eject?

I looked at her slot... 5 dollars left on the screen. 5 dollars left and 5 AM
and the only lone wolves in the Casino are the professional women and the
married ones.

"I'm going to take off. Pleasure talking to you."

I got up and as soon as I had joined my friends, she cashed out and went back
to her room.

I glanced back at the bar as we left the Casino. The Magician was gone... he
had left the building.

We walked out into the Vegas night. 4 hotties were coming in to join the late
night revelry that was still going on.

For some of us though, the night was over. All that was left was the darkness
of our hotel rooms and gentle sleep.

And then the next day, to begin again.

- Maxwell

Any night of sarging, is a GOOD night of sarging (most especially the bad

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2003 by "Maxwell Bond" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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